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Altrusian Grace Media presents guided meditations to help you deprogram from the matrix of everyday Reality. Achieve peace, well-being, learn to center yourself and shut off your internal dialogue. Free your mind, Free your soul. Synchronicity is all around. Awaken to a new existence as we bring you unique content.


I am not an "expert" but have had many years of exploring consciousness in various forms. It is a deep interest of mine, being able to combine writing, voice work, and my passion for altered states and mysticism. I am now striving to build this channel into a tangible resource and create tools to help with metaphysical exploration - for my own growth and others as well.

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Altrusian Grace Media - Meditation, Dreams, Consciousness Trailer


'The Matrix' is being remade and rebooted...WHY?

Everyone knows and loves 'The Matrix' movies. From the gnostic message of awakening to the archetypal soaked story arc to the multi-tiered occult symbolism tucked into every nook and cranny, these movies have been and remain the most significant pop culture metaphor for the reality we inhabit without luring us to get trapped within it. Quoted, memed and sampled to death, 'The Matrix' iconography was easily latched onto by the conspiracy and alternative-type communities. It is still the easiest way, in my opinion, to introduce the sleeping uninitiated masses to truths that many of us now even take for granted. What better way to kickstart a few hairline fractures in someone's paradigm than Hollywood's unintentional weapon of truth? It is this fact alone that I believe is the reason for the reboot of this movie franchise. 
I don't think it was ever intended to define a cultural shift or to bring marketing and branding to the Logos, or if it was, the Wachowski…

Psychedelic Coloring Page #1

In an effort to bring more varied content to my blog, I've decided to publish one of my coloring page designs. It's a style I developed over 20 years ago while on my first LSD experience and it led me to become more free-flowing less restrictive in drawing. These designs are suitable for printing and intended for an eventual full coloring book that I am working on but thought it would be cool to share. It would be incredible to see what you guys do with it so come back and share your coloring skills! While I have no problems with anyone downloading, using, or sharing this on any platform, I would greatly appreciate if you can make sure to credit me and link back to ALTRUSIANGRACE.COM. Cheers!