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Rh negative (RH-) blood type - new theory, new questions

Recently, we've "rediscovered" my wife's Rh negative blood type. We had known about her blood type due to issues when the kids were born but actually never knew all the theories about the blood. It was just one of those things you never think about or never realized had any real significance except during pregnancy. There are other things happening around us presently related to the Rh- but I'm keeping quiet about that stuff - at least for now. Conversations, however, have been bubbling up about different aspects of this subject and yesterday it crossed my mind that it could be tied in with another phenomenon that is of great interest to me and many others: the Missing 411 cases. After sending an email to the CanAm website folks and the Missing 411 website, I scoured the internet to see if anyone had thought of this possible relation and came up empty handed. I know that many Rh- people are targeted individuals, sometimes from birth, and often are victims

Hell Is Other Podcasts appearance

I recently did a guest appearance on the Hell Is Other Podcasts show where we casually discussed multiple topics of interest including sasquatch, UFOs, lucid dreaming, a little bit of Sleestak stuff and much more. Grab a drink and enjoy the show! <a href="">Hell is Other Podcasts by HOPcasts</a>

Waking up

Waking up is an ongoing process. It may seem to some that it's like a coin, two sides, the sleeping sheep and the awakened informed human. This is not the case. I will argue that those who adopt this mindset are in fact just trading one prison for another. Waking up is, or should be, like a continuous ascension into an ever expanding wave of learning and growth. Or, one could look at it as the never ending rabbit hole, awareness growing the further down one goes. What good does it do to just accept or have realization of a conspiracy or suppressed knowledge and then stop, claiming to know the truth? I can't even begin to explain the cycles of awakening I've gone through.  Now, I'm not saying to believe everything you see on on YouTube or jump on the bandwagon of every new conspiracy theory that rears its jaded head. Instead let's embrace each of these things as a tool to use for ourselves, a springboard perhaps that can help us dislodge our paradigms, become more op

Good morning, chemtrails!

So, I'm out on the porch this morning with my wife, some coffee and a few smokes. It didn't take but a moment to observe some strange chemtrail activity happening directly to the east. The first account was of a hight, thick plume appearing to shoot straight up. Within 5 minutes this dispersed into an unassuming small cloud formation that joined other clouds. The second observation was immediately after of a previously emitted chemtrail already dispersed, this one being a thick swath alongside which was a thin one running parallel. These were all spreading into what looked like regular clouds, though this second one must have been at extremely high altitude because we saw a high flying passenger jet and it crossed in front of the formation. About a couple minutes after this, we noticed another aircraft releasing its payload. This one I tried to video but only got 2 seconds of it as I didn't have enough phone memory. I did however finally decide to snap a couple pho

Disseminating the news

We are being lied to. The news, the media, our government institutions. It's not hard to see when you pay your undivided attention to the stories fed to us on a daily basis. The realization may start slow: you might notice a repetition of buzz words or it may be an overstated line of vocabulary intended to convey intelligence or an assumption of "expertness". Unfortunately, it's no longer just the mainstream media. Or, should we use the term corporate media instead? That seems a more fitting label because, really, what is "mainstream" anyway? And just as well, what the average American turns to to get information are all owned and dictated to by corporate entities. The new wave of alternative media has been infiltrated just as well so don't come preaching only about FOX, CNN, MSNBC, etc. Quite sad it is, that Inforwars is pushing an agenda. Alex Jones helped to stir me from sleep several years ago but I've grown to see how tired the same rants ha

News Section

Just added a sweet news widget on the right side of the page. It will help to discover a range of terms and topics being buzzed about in the brainwashing media. Just click on word in the list and the latest headlines will appear below it.  Then it's up to you to jump down the rabbit hole... If you'd like to see a topic added to the list, please leave a comment. 


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