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'The Matrix' is being remade and rebooted...WHY?

Everyone knows and loves 'The Matrix' movies. From the gnostic message of awakening to the archetypal soaked story arc to the multi-tiered occult symbolism tucked into every nook and cranny, these movies have been and remain the most significant pop culture metaphor for the reality we inhabit without luring us to get trapped within it. Quoted, memed and sampled to death, 'The Matrix' iconography was easily latched onto by the conspiracy and alternative-type communities. It is still the easiest way, in my opinion, to introduce the sleeping uninitiated masses to truths that many of us now even take for granted. What better way to kickstart a few hairline fractures in someone's paradigm than Hollywood's unintentional weapon of truth? It is this fact alone that I believe is the reason for the reboot of this movie franchise.  I don't think it was ever intended to define a cultural shift or to bring marketing and branding to the Logos, or if it was, the W

Psychedelic Coloring Page #1

In an effort to bring more varied content to my blog, I've decided to publish one of my coloring page designs. It's a style I developed over 20 years ago while on my first LSD experience and it led me to become more free-flowing less restrictive in drawing. These designs are suitable for printing and intended for an eventual full coloring book that I am working on but thought it would be cool to share. It would be incredible to see what you guys do with it so come back and share your coloring skills! While I have no problems with anyone downloading, using, or sharing this on any platform, I would greatly appreciate if you can make sure to credit me and link back to ALTRUSIANGRACE.COM . Cheers!

Welcome To Vault 7

After a number of mysterious teasers, WikiLeaks has finally revealed what Vault 7 is. It is over 8,000 pages related to CIA hacking, spying, and cyber warfare. And it's tasty. And this is only Part 1! To be sure, this release will overshadow even what Edward Snowden brought to our attention. You really might want to think twice about your devices now. Link is below:

The Mist

Several times throughout my life I've been a witness to a phenomenon that I refer to as "the mist". It has happened at different times of the day and night, at all different locations and even though seeing the mist is a rare event, this thing that manifests has made an impression upon me. The first time I can remember the mist was in elementary school. I was in first grade, probably around six years old. I recall being focused on whatever activity we were doing in class when I had looked up from my work and noticed that the whole classroom was permeated with a smoky haze. It hung in the air thick enough to turn to a friend and ask if there was a fire. He said, "No. Why would you think that?" "Because of all the smoke. It's all over.", I replied.  "I don't see any smoke." This confused me greatly and I rubbed my eyes because maybe I had gotten some debris in them or was tired. I looked around again and it was still there. As

A Drawing Of Sasquatch

It took me awhile using my quantum telepathy skills and some promises of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, but I finally got the big guy to sit still for a drawing. I'm still wondering how this did not come out blurry... This is my one and only drawing of Sasquatch which I did several months ago. Seeing as I'm on a cryptid kick, which one should I attempt to draw next?

The Cryptid That Got Away

Back in the late spring/early summer of 1986, before the influx of digital distractions permeated the minds of the youth, there was the grand notion for children to go outside and play. For me it was no different. I was around 11 or 12 years old and my family lived on a spacious acre and a half in what was then a somewhat rural Mequon, Wisconsin. My friend Joe lived next door and he, my younger brother Mike, and I would quite often explore the woods and fields behind our property. Part of the allure was a dirt bike trail that ran parallel to some railroad tracks, and about a quarter mile south of my house the trail led to a pair of small bridges - one for the trail and one for the train. A creek that flowed beneath them (and still does to this day) offered abundant entertainment for adolescent boys such as us. Countless hours were spent here catching minnows and crayfish, throwing rocks, and running through the surrounding corn fields. Google Earth image showing the bridges and di