#ufoattacktoturkey #ufoattacttoturkey

Last night a large scale UFO sighting in the country of Turkey took place. The UFO was seen in multiple cities by purportedly hundreds, if not thousands of people. While I have been unable to find any video of the incident, there are many photos from different areas and angles that seem to verify that this incident is real. As the phenomenon was happening, Twitter exploded with the hashtags #ufoattacttoturkey and #ufoattacktoturkey. There were reports of people panicking and being afraid and #ufoattacktoturkey quickly became a top trending subject.  The UFO itself looked like strange lights in formation, very reminiscent of both the Phoenix lights and the many accounts of triangular shaped craft. 

While I do believe the sighting is real, there's much reason to assume that 90% of this is hype with references to aliens and such. My initial thoughts on all of this are that what was seen was most likely a military or government craft deployed for surveillance or intelligence gathering.  Considering that Turkey has been the center for recent political and military controversy, it seems that more than likely this was a covert or deceptive invasion of airspace by a foreign agency.

The other notion I had is in direct relation to the instability and unrest in that region. Very often we see paranormal activity happen around people and events that carry a heavy degree of stress. Multiple stories abound with poltergeist activities in direct correlation to the hormonal teenager, abusive family turmoil, etc. Not unrelated to this I think (at least in part) is the UFO phenomenon. I don't think many UFO witnesses consider their current emotional state or the underlying stress factors of their relationships, home life, or employment status, among many other aspects. What we see in the anomalous and weird UFO sightings may very well be a psychological manifestation into our visible material realm. Thus, I think it's very plausible to consider this incident in Turkey and the high stress factors in the region as being relative to the general psychological state of the people there. 

While we probably will never know for sure what actually took place, I think it's safe to say that we will be seeing more of these mass-witness type of events. 

If the aliens do in fact land, well, then I guess we're screwed and I'll be here writing a blog post about the enslavement of the human race by our anthropoidal overlords. 

Chemtrail Video and Photos

I wanted to share some chemtrail photos I've taken throughout 2016 along with video I shot in October.

Chemtrails are real and I'm not afraid to use the term. I don't care if I'm ridiculed. The aircraft that we have in this modern age are equipped with extremely efficient engines that barely even leave condensation trails. I'm not going to get into a big rant here as I just want to present documentation that I've gathered myself. So, let the evidence speak for itself...MIC DROP.

Photos I've taken over the past year:

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UFO sighting, November 6th, 2016

A couple weeks ago as I was preparing for moving into a new house I had a bit of a UFO sighting. I reported it to NUFORC and what follows is the actual report I submitted along with the video I made from it.

On November 6th at about 2pm central time, my wife and I were loading some items into a trailer in preparation for a move. She sat down to take a short break and scanned the sky. Watching the sky when we are outside is and has been a habit we've adopted over the last 2-3 years. A minute or two into her break she noticed an object in the northeastern sky and pointed it out to me. It was difficult to locate but I was able to do so by using environmental reference points such as trees and the house. What I saw appeared to me at first like a bright star as it was a stationary object but considering the time of day and the fact it was sunny and 65 degrees made this an unlikely explanation. I cannot stress enough how difficult it was to see this thing. Unless you had your eyes directly trained on it, it vanished from sight even though it seemed to be metallic and reflecting sunlight. If my wife wouldn't have spotted it there's no way I would have seen it. At this moment I ran inside to get my son to see it for himself, which he did but only after directing him where to look exactly. We sat there staring at it when my wife pointed out two other objects approaching from the southeast. One looked like the object to the north but moving slow and the other had a reddish color but seemed to bend and twist as it moved towards our direction. It changed course a few times going left or right and moved at about half the speed of a mid to high altitude airliner appears to move. These objects also seemed to "disappear" when not focused directly on them so when I looked away it took effort to find them once again. At this point I ran into the house to get my camcorder which is a Panasonic HC-W570. I knew that I had 35-40 minutes of battery left but when I got outside and started to try and find the objects again, the battery indicator dropped all the down and I didn't even get a chance to record a single frame before it just died. Disappointed, my family and I continued to watch. The two moving objects had fully vanished or faded but the original one still remained. That's when I had the idea to grab the power supply for the camcorder and plug it in to an exterior outlet at the front door. It took me a few minutes to get close to zooming in on the UFO as the camera doesn't have a physical viewfinder, only the lcd screen. Zooming into 90x also makes any handheld camerawork very unstable. Eventually, using the trees in the front of the house as a reference for locating the object in the sky, I got lucky for just a couple seconds to be able to get it in focus. Almost as if it was playing hard to get, it would move just close enough to the tree in my line of sight for the camera to lose focus and shift to focusing on the branches. So each time I would have to readjust my position by a few inches and start over again trying to find it in the sky. After all this, the UFO faded into the color of the sky and ended our 20 minutes of excitement and bewilderment. 

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Inktober Art....

Sorry for lack of posts but I've really had some real life stuff going on. In my spare time, I've only felt comfortable doing some art and occupying my mind by drawing. It's kind of meditative for me as my hand goes into automatic mode. So, in honor of INKTOBER, I am posting my latest ink drawing to share with all of you cool conspiracy peeps. If you want to see another drawing, head on over to my other website Squatchshop.com. Cheers.

Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste OR How We Learned To Love Smart Cars

Photo: AFP

Just a few days ago we had the alleged terror attack in Nice, France by someone who drove a truck into a crowd of people celebrating Bastille Day. This event supposedly rendered over 80 people dead and over twice as many injured. Following this event I dug up a news story from the New York Daily News on July 15 that interviewed Brian Michael Jenkins who is an advisor and security expert for the Rand Corporation. Read the article HERE.

What had caught my attention were the last statements of the article:

“If you ask me how can we prevent anyone from using a vehicle as a weapon against a group of people, the answer is we’re going to have to shut down all vehicular traffic,” Jenkins said.
“That’s it. There are no easy solutions here.”

Now this might seem that it was a somewhat facetious proposal, that is until you realize that the government funded think-tank Rand Corp has propagated research into autonomous vehicular deployment. (See these important documents, reports, and commentary  HERE and HERE) In the former linked article - which is titled "The Police Could Be Controlling Your Self-Driving Car" - Martin C. Libicki writes:

"More intrusive controls may be called for to deal with crime. For instance, high-speed chases could become a thing of the past. The vehicles of drunk/drugged individuals who insist on doing their own driving could be pulled over if their cars' actions could be controlled from the outside. To prevent great mayhem, police may dearly want to override the use of automated vehicles by terrorists or other criminals."


"Rules and protocols would have to be developed to ensure there are no (or very few) non-autonomous vehicles and to ensure that terrorists, criminals, or hackers cannot “jail-break” their cars in order to evade external command override."

Huh. Go figure.

So while it may be a ways on the horizon, autonomous vehicles are going to be working their way into our lives. The only way this is going to work is if we eliminate all the current vehicles on the road. I'm not OK with this. Are you? While nothing new, it remains to be seen if we will witness more of these types of "terrorist" attacks on the evening news. EVERYTHING that you see going on around you has a multi-faceted agenda and this little nugget ties in very nicely with an overreaching military-based political system of control and keeping all the little ants in line - and on the road.

More Rh Negative (Rh-) thoughts

The Rh negative factor in human blood is a topic that has gone widely underestimated. I know there are multitudes of people interested in the subject but it baffles me as to why Rh negative flies under the radar in relation to fringe conversation. To me this is one of the elephants in the room. While I am one those who has "monkey blood", my wife however is a shining example of those who have been either blessed or cursed with this blood anomaly. She remains my direct source of information about Rh negative, seeing how her attributes coincide with others of this group and in fact seems to be of an even more rare faction. Some things of prominence that I think are direct links include being left handed, brown/hazel eye color, and most significantly her empathic and sensitive psychic abilities. In public situations she can be overwhelmed and bombarded by the negative energies and emotions of those around her, often feeling debilitated, drained, and even assaulted. Many times it is indicative of a cross section of society as a whole - selfishness, greed, self loathing, and the subversive socially engineered phenomenon of psychic vampirism. This last example of psychic vampires is a decades old label for people who tend to latch onto and feed off of someone's emotional wellspring in order to supplement their own lack of positive energy. They carry within a black sucking void of human compassion, love, and kindness, always seeking to drain these of those around them in order to feel whole. For the Rh negatives, the psychic vampires can quite literally be embodiments of darkness and it is necessary that these social leeches be avoided at all times and removed from the encroachment upon daily life. These are some of the more tangible challenges that Rh negative people face. In addition, it is widely known or speculated on the association between "paranormal" occurrences and those of the Rh- blood type. While there is no case whatsoever for exclusivity in this realm, there does seem to be a sort preferential leaning towards Rh negatives by whatever force or intelligence lies behind these things. I don't have hard numbers or statistics to back this up, just what I've read or seen in videos, and even the promotion of this theme in movies and television. I think those with this blood type experience a higher volume of phenomena like UFO sightings and abductions, poltergeist and ghost activity, synchronicities, and even Bigfoot or Sasquatch interactions. Sometime ago I wrote a blog post about my theory that there was an Rh- link to the Missing 411 cases. This still has never been officially looked into or inquiries answered and I think that it was seen at best irrelevant to the mystery, at worst it was the conspiratorial ravings of a woo woo lunatic. I was happy to receive support for this theory by others who are interested and fascinated by the strangeness of this continuing mystery but unfortunately I'm not sure we'll ever get any answers. It's too bad as this, as I said before, is one of the few claims that could be verified if true. We could have potential hard evidence for the anomalous nature of Rh negative in connection with fringe subject matter. If we can further gather more proof of a connection to Sasquatch from the Bigfoot researchers, this would also go a long way in fitting this piece of the puzzle into its proper spot. We need to adopt a bigger picture viewpoint of the unknown world around us and get comfortable with the fact that there is no one single explanation for it. It is not neat and tidy, nuts and bolts perspectives. It is not purely materialistic or explained by physical science. It dwells somewhere in the twilight of the middle ground - an extreme position in its own right. 

Everything is fake

9/11 is fake. The sky is fake. Clouds are fake. Driveways are fake. Brick walls are fake. Television is fake. News anchors are fake. Podcasts are fake. Radio is fake. Dogs are fake. Alligators are fake. Water is fake. Rain is fake. Climate change is fake. Global warming is fake. Global cooling is fake. Ice is fake. Fire is fake. Wood is fake. Trees are fake. Chemtrails are fake. Airplanes are fake. The military is fake. Presidents are fake. Politics are fake. Chemicals are fake. Bears are fake. Sports are fake. Camping is fake. War is fake. Homelessness is fake. Drugs are fake. Emotions are fake. Telephones are fake. The NSA is fake. Terrorists are fake. Conspiracies are fake. UFOS are fake. Eyes are fake. Black goo is fake. Gang stalking is fake. Driving is fake. Walking is fake. Jumping is fake. Laughing is fake. Crying is fake. Shouting is fake. Bigfoot is fake. Bottles are fake. Food is fake. Cooking is fake. The bible is fake. God is fake. The Koran is fake. Religion is fake. Atheists are fake. Scientists are fake. Evolution is fake. Holograms are fake. Countries are fake. Beheadings are fake. Facebook is fake. YouTube is fake. Google is fake. Artificial intelligence is fake. Garbage is fake. Sewers are fake. Shit is fake. Music is fake. Reading is fake. Video games are fake. Virtual reality is fake. Computers are fake. Coffee is fake. Colors are fake. Services are fake. Customers are fake. Blood is fake. Guns are fake. Bullets are fake. School is fake. Class is fake. Money is fake. Debt is fake.  Staples are fake. Scissors are fake. Panthers are fake. Shipping is fake. Crayons are fake. Babies are fake. Light is fake. Darkness is fake. Paper is fake. Farting is fake. Globe earth is fake. Flat earth is fake. Snakes are fake. Gravity is fake. Patriotism is fake. Forests are fake. Mountains are fake. Dancing is fake. NASA is fake. Oil is fake. Time is fake. Memories are fake. Guitars are fake. Keyboards are fake. Cake is fake. Planets are fake. The moon is fake. Rockets are fake. History is fake. Chivalry is fake. Cigarettes are fake. Beer is fake. Gloves are fake. Justice is fake. Courtrooms are fake. Judges are fake. The IRS is fake. Taxes are fake. Speakers are fake. The lottery is fake. Vinyl is fake. Cds are fake. Poetry is fake. Love is fake. Death is fake. The afterlife is fake. Fables are fake. Black holes are fake. Underground bases are fake. Submarines are fake. Toothbrushes are fake. Regulations are fake. Meth heads are fake. Shade is fake. Shadows are fake. Hard drives are fake. Iphones are fake. Rappers are fake. The suburbs are fake. Bridges are fake. Pirates are fake. Anonymous is fake. ISIS is fake. North Korea is fake. Nuclear missiles are fake. Horses are fake. Ponies are fake. Indians are fake. Cowboys are fake. The constitution is fake. Sovereignty is fake. Stars are fake. Celebrities are fake. Twitter is fake. I am fake. You are fake. Your mom is fake. Family is fake. Pharmacies are fake. Towels are fake. Mice are fake. Traps are fake. Stones are fake. Popcorn is fake. The matrix is fake. Bombs are fake. Disease is fake. Cancer is fake. Fathers are fake. Magic is fake. Checks are fake. Credit scores are fake. Wallets are fake. Keys are fake. Cryptozoology is fake. Dinosaurs are fake. Italians are fake. The sphinx is fake. Walmart is fake. Fat is fake. Skinny is fake. Diets are fake. Numbers are fake. Social interaction is fake. Reading is fake. 9 is fake. Clocks are fake. Spices are fake. Kings are fake. Royalty is fake. Deception is fake. Technology is fake. Drones are fake. Pleasantries are fake. Racism is fake. Tribalism is fake. Drug cartels are fake. California is fake. Knobs are fake. Whiskey is fake. Associations are fake. Disgusting smells are fake. Car crashes are fake. Interventions are fake. Energy is fake. ESP is fake. Time slips are fake. Terence McKenna is fake. Abraham Lincoln is fake. Genocide is fake. The Illuminati is fake. Bohemian Grove is fake. Satanism is fake. Sacrifices are fake. Hunger is fake. Coins are fake. Copper is fake. Popularity is fake. Subscribers are fake. Comments are fake. Architecture is fake. Ghosts are fake. Psychics are fake. Amazon is fake. Panels are fake. Knee pads are fake. Beards are fake. Glasses are fake. Swordfighting is fake. Monsters are fake. Ignorance is fake. Mass shootings are fake. School shootings are fake. Hoverboards are fake. Camels are fake. Mushrooms are fake. Rituals are fake. Immortality is fake. Transhumanism is fake. Androids are fake. Road trips are fake. Best friends are fake. Karate is fake. Knuckles are fake. Godzilla is fake. Dimensions are fake. Warp speed is fake. Violence is fake. Smiles are fake. Belching is fake. Antarctica is fake. Nazis are fake. Jews are fake. White people are fake. Charging is fake. Solitude is fake. Corporations are fake. Black lives matter is fake. George Soros is fake. The Middle East is fake. Threats are fake. Hatred is fake. The Vatican is fake. Solar flares are fake. Mirrors are fake. Toilets are fake. The Pope is fake. DIY is fake. Inquiries are fake. Everything is fake. Everything is fake. Everything is fake. THE LIES ARE REAL. 

ALERT!!! US Government Declaring All Out War on Tiny House Living


Written by Isaac Davis, Staff
Waking Times

Freedom in the United States today is a moving target, and when the government catches wind of an innovation that makes life easier and more affordable for ordinary people, it always steps in to take control. Take, for example, the growing effort to outlaw offgrid living in the U.S., as well as moves by local governments around the country to criminalize private rainwater collection. Now, the federal government is making a major move against the tiny house movement, seeking to give the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) authority to require tiny houses to conform to the standards of recreational vehicles (RV’s), of which one of the rules is that the vehicles may not be used or marketed for permanent living. HUD is seeking to regulate tiny house living out of existence or to turn it into a regulated industry by requiring that tiny homes be manufactured in factories, conforming to codified standards.

Read the full article HERE.


The Float Tank Experience

This past Sunday night I tried floating for the first time along with my wife and son who also floated. We attended a 60 minute session at the new Float Milwaukee which has a great industrial location and feel mixed with a modern spa-like atmosphere. It was an incredible experience which I hope to repeat very soon as there's so much more innerspace to explore. I went for the full sensory deprivation. As my body acclimated to this strange environment, I found it very difficult to focus my thoughts on anything specific for more than a few seconds. Even my breathing exercises failed me. Obscure images and vague patterns wavered in front of me like a twilight lava lamp and occasionally there were strange flashes of white light, almost like penny-sized orbs held at arms length. Many times I found my eyes to be halfway open, never fully shut, and I had lost all sensation from my torso downwards. Before I knew it my hour of time was up as it only felt like 30 minutes maybe and I emerged slightly disoriented but fully relaxed. I definitely need more time in the tank to get accustomed to floating and would like to work my way up to longer floats in the 3-5 hour range. I'll be going back to further my exploration of consciousness and I highly recommend you try it out for yourself. On a side note, I ended up having very vivid dreams that night, I could actually feel that I was going to have them after my session was done. 

If you're in the area make sure you pay a visit to http://floatmilwaukee.com and tell them you heard about it at Altrusian Grace. 

A New Reason To Question What You Think Is Real

FACE2FACE TECHNOLOGY - Folks, this is some crazy stuff - not crazy in the sense that it is science fictional futuristic technology - but crazy that we haven't seen real proof of this earlier. Consider what we don't know about the available technology being used. Seeing how facial expressions can be manipulated in real time without the person (target) even knowing it, we now have one more reason not to believe the corporate media, politicians, or anything else on television no matter how much we may trust the source. For me, newscasters and politicians have long ago lost all credibility but now I have all the more reason to extend that distrust to everyone from scientists to eyewitnesses of events. I think we have already seen this technology in effect and will continues to see it implemented in an ever more persuasive manner especially in the false flag-type political or terrorist events we have all become familiar with. This makes our own job of deconstructing the script and agenda of the puppet masters that much more difficult if not next to impossible. Once again, facts aren't necessarily facts in the world of television and media and nobody but yourself can dictate what the truth is. 

Into The Float Tank

"In the province of the mind what one believes to be true, either is true or becomes true within certain limits. These limits are to be found experimentally and experientially. When so found these limits turn out to be further beliefs to be transcended. In the province of the mind there are no limits. However, in the province of the body there are definite limits not to be transcended."

- John C. Lilly

So my UFO research is leading me further into the realms of consciousness study and I am drawn into participating myself. This seems only logical considering the paths I am traveling. I have some ideas about what I want to do and what I want to accomplish but that's just a basic and vague starting point. 

In less than two weeks I will embark upon my first float tank sensory deprivation experience. It will be a 60 minute session this time and if it seems a fruitful event I will continue this avenue for the time being, increasing my time in the tank if I can afford it financially. After gaining some experience, I would like to work with some Galantamine supplements while floating in order to induce lucid dreaming. Is there anyone who has tried this? Does anyone have any suggestions for me?

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Psychedelics and UFOs - research notes and opinions

I have a propensity for “paranormal” subject matter. This may or may not have caused my opinions to be slanted. Yet, in truth, there is a creeping underlying wanting of scientific and rational explanations. That slow moving current beneath my exploration of all that is strange could very well be the last reminder of what I tend to think of as fading idealisms, constructs, and belief systems – reality tunnels as Robert Anton Wilson might call them – and all begging to be stomped out and abandoned. We tend to dwell in that small facsimile of our perceptual architecture, bound by laws and rules so neat and tidy as to give us the illusion of safety and order in this world. All that is needed is the slightest nudge through any shift in perception and the world around us shows its potential for unraveling. Chances are that one will not give up their safety blanket so easy, clench it with a white knuckle grip as the frayed edges of materialist dogma waver in delicate uncertainty. For those who dare to step further into their own cracked looking glass, it is quickly realized that a reliance on hard science should be treated only as a minute fractional portion of whole picture. It is also realized that hard science and its principles have become a religious institution in its own right (just as much as Atheism or Corporatism) and the fanatical clergy of this authoritarian cult are quick to mock and ridicule the unbound mystics, the paradigm-shattering vigilantes, and all others seeking an alternative truth. I’d like to consider myself in this former company but it is that same ridicule that kept me from ever reporting my UFO sighting in 1999. Even within the UFO community, with its stories of transdimensional star brothers and reptilian overlords, the mere fact that I had LSD in my system completely and totally discredited me and the others I was with. We were not reliable witnesses and were automatically categorized into a group that should be ignored and branded with the societal stigma that drugs create an unstable mind. There are many within psychedelic culture as well who would say “Yes, of course you saw a UFO. You were on acid”. Even when directly given the keys to a limitless number of inner and outer universes, there is often a tendency to reduce the psychedelic experience to a simple chemical reaction in the physical brain causing the misfiring of neurons, which in turn just makes us see some crazy stuff that’s not really there. Yes, I’m sure that happens on an introductory level but once familiar with toe-dipping in the hallucinatory pool there develops an ability to begin distinguishing a breathing wall with pleasant patterns on it from a giant fully realized three dimensional insectoid embodiment of alien intelligence.
As long as we can hold close the mantra of “we know absolutely nothing” the reality for each individual will continue to evolve. And should we not expect all degrees of reality to evolve alongside the monkeys? I do hold admiration for the proponents of quantum physics as they are bridging the gap frantically, although maybe unknowingly, back to the true origins of science. We see the dawning of all we believe to be possible in our modern day – space travel, genome editing, artificial intelligence, and on and on – in the grand schemes and ideas of mysticism and of the ancient alchemists. The only tangible concept we may end up having is this acknowledgement. As much as both the old and new wizards have tapped into though, there is an infinity that still stretches before us. Dada Gunamuktananda, a medical student turned yogi, has been credited with the meme that “consciousness is the final frontier” where as I think that it is really the only frontier there has ever been. Without our consciousness to translate the scope of experience, everything ceases to exist. In contrast to that, but aligned with the dualistic nature of the human condition, within our consciousness everything strives to exist.


New blog

I've started a separate blog that focuses on the book I'm currently writing about psychedelics and the UFO phenomena. I'm primarily going to use it to help organize my research, obtain trip reports, and hopefully engage in some conversation about the topic. Please visit the blog at http://psychedelicufo.blogspot.com/ and spread the word, share the link, bookmark it, etc. 

Psychedelics and the UFO phenomena

Hello, I'm writing a book that deals with psychedelics and the UFO phenomena. I'm interested in collecting anecdotal reports from people who have had these experiences while on a mind-altering substance. While I'm not necessarily looking for entity encounters as that can go into a whole different realm, I am open to reports that do include abduction and physical contact with beings while maintaining the UFO experience itself. I also don't intend this to be just about aliens, as the UFO subject has an extremely wide scope of subtopics, but I suppose I am looking at it through the lense of modernistic western culture and find it interesting that the rise of UFO sightings not only coincided with the deployment of the atomic bomb but also with the discovery of LSD. However I am also taking a "consciousness" approach as this cannot be ignored when dealing with psychedelics. I have had an experience myself while on lsd with 3 other friends about 16-17 years ago and it has stayed with me so I'm approaching this as an experiencer and participant. Please email me your story or report at Altrusiangracemedia (at) yahoo.com or you can contact me through my blog. You can visit my Amazon author page at http://amazon.com/author/mattschmitz and my blog is at http://Altrusiangrace.com

I'm particularly interested in reports that contain synchronicities or a good deal of high strangeness. Please include the timeframe, location, type of substance and dosage, along with your story - the more the better. Also interested in the context of your psychedelics usage, i.e. For fun, spiritual enlightenment, etc. 

If possible, please also provide me a name that you're comfortable with publicly(it can be your full name , first name, initials, anonymous, etc. ) and also just a brief and simple statement granting me permission to use your story in my book. While I can't use every story, I would like to be able to give credit to the sources of those I do use. 

Thanks everyone!

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2016 Predictions

I don't claim to be a psychic. But sometimes I feel certain things on a level I can't explain. Those things aren't always correct yet in some way there is a manifestation whether it be in a synchronatic personal event or an obscure affirmation from abroad. That being said, here are some recent insights that have knocked on the door to my brain:

1. There will be a singular aggressive nuclear incident by a country in the first half of the year. I see there being contained mass casualties yet this will not spark an all out nuclear battle. Instead, I see the majority of the worlds countries unified in condemning this action and effectively quarantining the aggressor, followed by a highly publicized trial and sentencing. 

2. There will be a major medical treatment or breakthrough announced that will cure or stifle a leading cancer or disease. This will happen in the last third of the year. 

3. An important incident revolving around the existence of Sasquatch will occur close to mid-year. This will involve more than the average sighting, will make mainstream news, and I see some amount of physical evidence being had. This will not, however, go towards proving once and for all the question of the existence of this creature. On the other hand, it will lead to more serious investigation and consideration by scientists and academics around the world. 

Anyone else have some predictions of their own they'd like to share? What are your thoughts on my insights?

New Years Resolutions

As we enter the new Gregorian calendar year of 2016, many of us tend to embed ourselves within the matrix system of entrapments known as "New Years resolutions". These often shallow decrees soothe the anxiety that's created by not living as we should, sometimes with full awareness, and we set the cyclical trap once again. All this is not to say that there is no sincerity behind these goals but that truly it is sparked by psychological programming implemented by corporate entities as a means to generate profit in the post-holiday season. We understand that a major New Years resolution for many people is to lose weight and go on a diet. One needs only to peruse the local store advertisements to view the sudden focus upon things like digital scales, exercise equipment, the new "fit" smart watches, and in the grocery stores - food. During these first several weeks, we are inundated with diet information, sales on low fat items, gluten free items, sugar free items, and what I have noticed this year is the abundance of so called "organic" products. It seems every food company out there is jumping on the bandwagon as folks become more aware of what goes into their food. 


Don't fall for this labeling fad. Sure, most of these new "organic" things are a step up from the regular over-processed food but that still doesn't mean that you should be buying it up. Be cautious and read the labels. More and more I'm seeing these organic soft drinks like organic sparkling flavored water and even the recent announcement that there's going to be an organic Gatorade. (Article here http://www.forbes.com/sites/nancyhuehnergarth/2015/12/16/pepsico-to-debut-organic-gatorade-in-a-fit-of-good-for-you-madness/) These things will contain just as much sugar and mystery flavorings as their aspartame filled neon counterparts. Remember, almost anything can be labeled organic including the anal glands of beavers used in flavoring ice cream. (Check out the article here http://newsfeed.time.com/2013/10/03/your-vanilla-ice-cream-may-actually-smell-like-beaver-butt/) 

All I'm asking my kind readers is to educate yourselves, read labels, and to remember that just because it says organic, it doesn't mean anything without truth in labeling laws and the integrity of the company behind the product. Instead of trying to stick to a diet scam, commit to a new lifestyle this year. That way when 2017 rolls around you won't have to apologize to your body and your New Years resolution can be to visit Altrusian Grace much more often. 


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