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Psychedelics and the UFO phenomena

Hello, I'm writing a book that deals with psychedelics and the UFO phenomena. I'm interested in collecting anecdotal reports from people who have had these experiences while on a mind-altering substance. While I'm not necessarily looking for entity encounters as that can go into a whole different realm, I am open to reports that do include abduction and physical contact with beings while maintaining the UFO experience itself. I also don't intend this to be just about aliens, as the UFO subject has an extremely wide scope of subtopics, but I suppose I am looking at it through the lense of modernistic western culture and find it interesting that the rise of UFO sightings not only coincided with the deployment of the atomic bomb but also with the discovery of LSD. However I am also taking a "consciousness" approach as this cannot be ignored when dealing with psychedelics. I have had an experience myself while on lsd with 3 other friends about 16-17 years ago and

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My first official ebook!

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