Another Salvia Story and the Tall Man

Sorry for no posts lately as I've been moving and settling in. Anyways, on with it!

I wanted to give some props to Micah Hanks over at the Gralien Report for taking a moment back around Halloween to convey my salvia trip report on his show in regards to the entity known as "Hat Man", aka the being which I had called the "Tall Man". It was a strange encounter indeed, the first and only time in all my psychedelic journeys that I felt I had direct interaction with something manifested and intelligent. While I had no fear of the Tall Man, he possessed qualities of a discernible dark nature - a blackish form, featureless face, and a psychic personality of the trickster archetype, that, upon contemplation, seems to be what I had faced. He was welcoming, yet without warmth. He was obliging to my exploration without being overbearing. He played his hand well and complimented his presence with a level of disassociation.

A couple weeks later from that experience I had talked my friend Jim into trying salvia. Jim was by no means a dedicated psychonaut, in fact far from it, not even a cannabis smoker, and much more in line with being a drinking buddy. He was however intrigued with smoking salvia due to the simple fact it was legal and the trip was over relatively quick. There were no worries about failing a drug test at work either. Days prior to Jim's trip, I supposed I had talked it up quite a bit although I had not divulged many details from my foray into the void. I mentioned how intense it was and the amusing part about me shedding my clothes and having an argument with myself about going for refreshing night walk in the buff, assuring Jim this wouldn't happen to him. Aside from that, I think I was still working through what I had experienced and what it meant to me on a personal level. 

Jim arrived at my house in the later evening after the sun went down. He sat on the couch and I stationed myself in the captain's chair of the adjacent computer desk preparing what I thought would be a sufficient initial dosage. I handed him the full pipe and then turned off all the lights. The glow of fire from the lighter cast us in a dull orange glow as he took his first hit. Darkness returned and there was silence for about three or four minutes. Jim felt his first experience fade quickly and to him it was only a mild inebriation. I assured him that a second go at it would yield greater results as I had deduced from my experimentation we start out with the highest tolerance and gradually chip away at it with each subsequent trip. I flipped on the desk lamp and packed another bowl, this time deliberately adding a fat pinch of the 30x extract for that extra boost to pierce the veil. Jim took the pipe from me, the light went off, and we both gave a deep breath in anticipation. I said, "Remember to cash the whole thing in one hit if you can." Once more we entered into silence as he put flame to leaf. Jim held the smoke in his lungs for a good 15 seconds and exhaled heavily and from there I only heard minute ticks from his throat. Eight or nine minutes passed in what seemed like an eternity before he started returning from hyperspace and there was a whispered exclamation of "holy shit". This is basically what he described as having transpired:

"Purple designs started growing in my mind like tentacles, there was darkness and a feeling of being transported somewhere else. I faded into existence, finding myself standing in the middle of a desert at night. Much like cacti, there were odd crystal formations sticking up from the ground all over. I decided to start walking and see what I could find. Though there was no moon, everything was illuminated just like there was a big bright moon in the sky, even casting shadows. As I walked for a bit, I was startled as a tall figure in black emerged from behind one of the crystal cacti. He must've been almost seven feet tall and had no face and wore something between what looked to be a suit and robes. It was hard to tell as he was featureless, almost entirely made of darkness. I asked who he was and he spoke to me saying that I should go with him and not to worry. I hesitated and wasn't sure what to do and he started to try and convince me to follow him. I told him that Matt was waiting for me and I had to get back. The figure stepped closer to me and I sensed some frustration on his behalf. I immediately became nervous and had a twinge of fear that something was definitely not good. I stated once more that I had to return and that no way was I going with this thing. There was some kind of evil in this guy. That's when everything went out of focus and I was back in the living room."

Needless to say, I was a little taken aback by what Jim told me. I had the realization that we encountered what appeared to be the same entity and it was then that I relayed the details of the trip I had prior.  I often wonder what would have happened had Jim gone with the Tall Man though I have the feeling it would not have been a fun time. Was it the spirit of the plant? Or did the plant tune our perception to a frequency that allowed the meeting of this figure? Jim and I each had a different interaction, his being a bit more frightening in my opinion, or maybe I had ventured further into the void where the Tall Man's persuasion was unnecessary. Either way, it's definitely something to be cautious of in anyone's attempts to enter non-ordinary reality. 

Chemtrails and Carbon Nanotubes?

Might there be a link between chemtrails and carbon nanotubes?

Reference news article about nanotubes available at New Scientist.

Please read the above article first! Okay, I found this article interesting and while it does not mention chemtrails at all it seems there are some unanswered questions about these "found" nanotubes. Let's take this piece by piece.

"Carbon nanotubes have turned up in the lungs of children living in Paris – the first time they have been detected in humans."
My first question here is have they ever tried detecting them in humans in the past? It seems this is presented as an accidental discovery. Scientists have studied them by injecting them into mice with seemingly negative side-effects.

"James Bonner at North Carolina State University in Raleigh says the detection of nanotubes should be treated with caution, as other studies of air pollution over the years have failed to find them. “In my opinion, there is a great deal of uncertainty as to what these structures really are, especially the material in the lung cells from patients,” he says."
Quite interesting here as the article implies that they know exactly what these structures are, stating how great they are in "computing, clothing and healthcare technology". Supposedly, while these carbon nanotubes have been found in dust and car exhaust, the quote above says that in previous air pollution studies over the years they haven't been found. Is this not contradictory? Over what years have these referred "air pollution studies" been conducted? From what I have found, carbon nanotubes were first created in the early 1950's by Russian scientists and were actually re-discovered by Japanese scientists in 1991. Nowhere have I read that these are naturally occurring substances. So, my thinking takes me to 1991 and the proliferation of chemtrails since then and especially in the last ten years. I suppose if we test a more general slice of the population and not just asthmatic children we will find that the CNTs are much more widespread. Morgellons disease has been linked to nanoparticulates falling from chemtrail spraying so maybe the CNTs are the catalyst as they are taken into the lungs and root themselves there. They could also create a microscopic infrastructure of sorts for other nefarious black-op type endeavors like allowing the flow of certain frequencies to latch onto or vibrate within the nanotubes causing any number of symptoms from voice-to-skull to virtually creating the appearance of any number of diseases. I mean we could really speculate on the dark potential of this technology. It's crazy. Let's move on to the last point of the article I wanted to make.

"If we are breathing in nanotubes, it’s probably nothing new and fossil fuels are a likely source, he says. “I guess we’ve been breathing them for a very long time. But it needs more work, for sure.”
And there you have the last damning statement to tie it into "man-made climate change" as well as totally ignoring the documentation of the synthetic origin of CNTs. My gut feeling is that CNTs and chemtrails are linked together. What we need is someone that studies the chemical makeup of chemtrails and the air samples within those to be made aware of carbon nanotubes and how to look for them and identify them. 

What's your opinion on this possible connection? Please comment below!

Also, wanted to let everyone know that I just updated the Chemtrail Gallery with new photos and a slightly improved layout so go look at it!

Start a revolution - from within

The past few months have been a time of serious transition for my family and me. We stand on the verge of following dreams that we've carefully thought over and have endlessly imagined. In the midst of all this I decided to launch a blog, upon which I have hopes of building something meaningful - a platform to disperse opinions, ideas, research, etc. I can easily talk the talk of our underground community in all matters of conspiracy subjects, ufo and paranormal research, psychedelics, and every aspect and theory one can throw under that umbrella. One particular subject, though, has weighed on me with some level of guilt, or rather, has me personally distraught. I feel a sense of responsibility to myself, my family, and to anyone who might visit my corner of the internet. What I'm talking about is our food and water, without which I wouldn't be talking at all. I have long been aware of the blatant manipulation of these vital resources by a number of institutions and corporations and I think anyone who visits Altrusian Grace will most likely be aware of this already. There is genetic corruption of what nature has made perfect, the never ending creation and introduction of toxic chemicals into the over-processed food of our restaurants and grocery chains, the poisoning of our water both intentional and unintentional through fluoride dumping, landfills piled high with discarded pharmaceutical drugs draining into the ground, and even such things as the mining of uranium upon native lands. Check out some of these recent articles:

One can almost certainly not escape this madness. We become what eat and drink and I propose that we have yet to see this transformation in all its sickening glory. The substances that go into our bodies are of utmost importance. This is the first step of revolution and it starts from within yourself. This is how I've decided to proceed and do more than just talk the talk. I'm going to practice what I preach here and let clean food and water be my medicine, my foundation upon which my mind and body grow strong. No more will I play willfully ignorant to the fact that our sovereign being is constantly under attack by powers that wish to slow-kill us, breed us as disease-ridden and infertile, and ultimately lay claim to the title of gods. Here, with me making this pledge to treat my body with the respect it deserves, the revolution begins. I challenge anyone reading this to do the same and take back what should be our natural right in the first place. So what exactly am I doing? I am now fully four weeks in to eating a 90-95% organic, GMO-free diet. I got fed up with feeling like shit after always eating shit and I can tell you they've made it hard for the average person to make the switch: proliferation of fast food, cheap and low cost garbage lines the store shelves, and it's all so very convenient! And why does eating better always cost more? One would think that food with less chemicals and processed ingredients would cost less, requires less energy to produce. And why should we pay more to prevent cancer or degrade our DNA? I'm not perfect by a long shot as I'm still learning this new lifestyle, tweaking it and perfecting it. I am being acquainted with a plethora of new food companies and brands and figuring out what tastes good and what I like in the health food arena. It's quite ironic that I was a chef for almost 20 years and I come to find out that I know nothing. This path, it all starts with developing a simple knowledge base centered around the labeling of food. From there I went fully on the offense with my grocery purchasing. What I would like to do is try and break this down into bullet points for those who might be interested in my approach and who might be looking for a way to start a new lifestyle.

  • Stop buying everything you normally buy at the grocery store! Chances are the majority of food you have is not entirely good for you. This sounds easy to do but habits are hard to break. We are literally addicted to much of this junk.
  • Take some time to spend a couple hours at a grocery store. If you don't have a Whole Foods, Trader Joe, or Outpost Natural Foods near you then you'll probably have to jump between a few of the other "normal" chains. I currently don't have any of the natural food stores near me so I tend to shop between Woodmans, Aldi, Target, and Pick N Save in order to find my desired items. The reason you want to initially set aside a block of time is so you can read labels and compare brands. It sounds boring and tedious but if you do the legwork now, your shopping will be easier later.
  • Know the differences between Organic and Non-GMO labels. My first choice in a product will have both a USDA organic label AND a Non-GMO Verified Project label. These are easy to spot although sometimes they are printed on the back or sides of a package. Be aware however that one doesn't always mean the other. USDA organic doesn't mean it won't contain GMO. Also, a product that states "made with organic ingredients" only means that a minimum of 70% needs to actually be organic. This is when you need to dive a little deeper into the ingredient label to determine the possible harmful chemicals used. You should also become familiar with the PLU number on produce as this can tell you whether the fruit or vegetable has been grown organically, traditionally, or is genetically modified. You can view a quick guide to PLU numbers HERE.
  • Get familiar with some of the terms listed in a product's ingredients. Look at some of the things you already have in your pantry and check them out online. You may find some interesting bits of info, some of which might just disgust you enough to toss it in the trash or even have a crime scene cleanup crew dispose of it. For example, L-cysteine, an amino acid often synthesized from human hair, duck feathers, and hog hair, is found in highly processed bakery goods. Here is a recent video from Ryan Gable of The Secret Teachings about ascorbic acid (what many companies like to call vitamin C) and citric acid: 
  • Sometimes you just can't win. Once in awhile when I'm looking for a certain item - for example the natural sweetener stevia - I'll see four or five different brands all with different combinations of organic/non-GMO/ingredient lists but none of them meet all of my criteria. In a case such as this it might be best to just move on and do without it, but if you absolutely need it then go with lesser of all the evils. You'll at least have the satisfaction that what you're consuming is a step above the crap you have eaten before.
Like I stated previously, this is a work in progress. I've encountered difficulty in finding items I am totally okay with eating such as bread. Bread is currently my nemesis, especially since I don't buy into the gluten-free craze. My opinion on gluten allergies and whatnot is that these are caused by genetically modified wheat and the pesticides used on the crops. Most of these products are just as bad as the rest of the processed food slop and I think many people pick gluten-free items thinking they are healthier in some manner. Nobody had gluten allergies a couple decades ago, so don't fall for that label. Anyways, I'm working hard on this eating healthy thing now so it's no longer an issue for me later on. I am incorporating more raw foods into my diet and more organic grains and just out of coincidence by what I've chosen to eat I've become vegetarian. I found that I had more than enough enjoyable food that tasted great that I didn't even get around to thinking about meat. Don't get me wrong, I'm still down with eating a great free-range, antibiotic-free, non-GMO piece of chicken but right now I have no need or desire. Overall, there is a noticeable difference in my feeling of well-being and it's incredible. To actually FEEL healthy just based on what you eat - what a concept! Next up I'm tackling our family's water situation.

I'd like to give a big shout out to Ryan Gable of for all the hard work he's done in researching and getting the word out about our food. He's been the straw that broke this stubborn camel's back simply by being real, honest, and someone who actually lives what he talks about. I have the highest level of respect for that.

So, until I get these new chemtrail photos uploaded, please think about what you shove in your mouth. There's a revolution about to begin...

UPDATE: I found an excellent website and app to use when grocery shopping. It's called EWG Food Scores. Go check it out! You still have to make sure you actually look into the product itself and not purchase food blindly but, overall the app is excellent.

Tech news for Targeted Individuals

Chemtrail Gallery

I've just added a new page for people to check out the numerous chemtrail photos I've taken in Wisconsin. I'll be adding more as they happen in order to try and document this phenomena. Activity seems to have picked up in the last couple months and we need more people to become aware of this problem. Whether you think chemtrails are part of a population control agenda or merely a preservation and conservation issue with our beautiful skies - the fact remains that this needs to be addressed by our representatives in government and those involved in mainstream media. I have more to say on this subject but for now I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. Click the Chemtrail Gallery page to the left or click HERE.

Chemtrails will be the death of us

Greeted by chemicals

I woke up at around 8:30 this morning, fed my three dogs, and took them out back to do their business. First thing I see is a big fat chemtrail. I can't even have one moment to enjoy the beautiful early autumn Wisconsin weather without these bastards trying to kill us with aluminum dioxide and who knows what else. I took a moment to look around the rest of the sky and GODDAMN they were busy. These were not "jets" or "airplanes". These were drones. There was no roaring sound typical of jets, in fact they were completely silent. In the ten minutes I was outside I counted at least six of these aircraft. 

One little...

Two little...

Three little UAVs...

In the photos above, the drones are flying next to and through the massive chemtrails left by the previous perpetrators. In the top pic you can get an idea of the scale that these chemical clouds disperse into. Given a half hour or so, the chemtrails become indistinguishable from normal clouds to the average "sleeping" citizen. I think that most people won't even bother to look up as they're too busy looking down on their shiny new Apple tracking devices.

"V" for vendetta. Yeah, I have a vendetta all right.

The three photos above were just a couple more disgusting, blatant chemtrails that became apparent as I looked around at the sky from my yard. It is extremely unnerving to view the destruction of a brilliant blue sky, degrading into a hazy, filmy, spidery mess.

The strange curved chemtrail.

Awww, it has a friend now.

Slowly moving through the sky and spreading.

The curved chemtrail after 20 minutes.
The last series of photos above here I documented a strange curved chemtrail and its progression through the southeastern sky. After first observation, it was joined by an additional trail made by another aircraft. They slowly drifted northward through the sky and you can see the remnants of previous chemtrails lower on the horizon. Look closely and you'll see the separation of these chemical bars at the tree line. In the fourth photo, I captured a crow flying into the frame from the left - a sign or omen, or perhaps a "tipping of the hat" to the work of Crrow777? The last photo shows how these chemtrails become wistful and disguised almost as normal cloud formations.

So many people out there are all wigged out and distracted by the climate change debate while themselves being chemtrail deniers. Connect the damn dots and remember that everything our overlords do has a multi-tiered agenda. The fourth "blood moon" is about here.

People, you need to start looking up.

Washington D.C. Trip

I recently traveled to Washington DC with my family to visit some friends for an end-of-summer mini vacation. While I couldn't explore the fringe here as much as I would have liked, I definitely scratched that itch. This was my second trip here within three years, although this time our visit to see the White House was impeded by barricades. Strangely enough, when we approached from the backside, a guard opened the barricade and let us through. We were the only people that got to walk along the sidewalk while everyone else was across the street. After we took a few photos, the guard came running and told us he just got the call to get us out of there. Away we went to see some more monuments and spent the rest of the day doing some general sightseeing.

An old well I almost fell into.

Stone foundation frame of some ancient building.

I did some research online about the Mount Vernon area where we were staying and dug up the story of the Mt. Vernon Monster. The reports detail the strange sounds heard by residents around the area of George Washington's estate (which we were only about a five minute drive from) sometime in the late 1970's. Some attributed the screams and growls to Sasquatch while others claim it was a hoax pulled off by bored teenagers. The next day my son and I then ventured out into the Virginia wilds to do some exploring and some half-ass 'Squatching. I took a few pics of some weird and cool looking tree bends and other stuff on our journey but unfortunately we did not find Bigfoot. As we pushed further into unknown territory, we found an old camp with a rusty barrel used for a fire. It also had scattered beer cans and car parts. Further still, and evading multitudes of spiders and their webs, I was leading the way when I almost walked right into an old well. Adjacent to this well was the stone outline of the foundation of a long gone building. Check out the photos above. I'm not sure how old these structures were but they must have been several decades by my guess. After this we eventually made our way out of the brush and back to the house. Little to my knowledge I brought back a personal surprise.

 It was quite hot outside so we took a dip in the swimming pool for an hour. Awhile later, I showered up and and we went out to eat. After a day of hiking and a good meal I slept like a baby. 

Saturday morning came and it was a perfect day to head out on the boat even though the water was a bit choppy. Cruising the Potomac was incredible and an excellent way to view many interesting things. I am told the tower structure in the top photo is the Masonic Temple which I wanted to visit but couldn't because of our schedule. Next, we passed by the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory. This is the home of directed energy weapons, nanotechnology, acoustic weapons technology, and many other classified projects. I think it's pretty crazy that one can get that close on a boat but they'll probably cut you in half with a laser if they wanted to. We also had views of the Washington Monument and rolled up on the Pentagon. After the sightseeing and hanging out beneath incoming planes by the airport, we headed back for some tubing and knee boarding. A fine day indeed. 

Sunday concluded our visit but not before an excursion to a couple Smithsonian museums. We first went to the Natural History Museum where we were greeted by a real Moai statue. After checking out the mammals exhibit, we headed to the Hall of Human Origins. This was one I was looking forward to seeing with open eyes and a new perspective. I noticed how downplayed Cro-magnon man was and how difficult it was to locate information and displays on him. Cro-magnon is believed to be the species where Rh negative blood types were introduced. Aside from our brief time investigating here, it was apparent with an open mind that there was much disinformation and propaganda to be found in the shadows of global warming, evolution, and so on. I guess it's to be expected in this staple of scientific institutions. Onwards, we hit up the Museum of American History and saw a few really amazing artifacts which included a family radiation measurement kit and the original Acid Test poster used by Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters in the 60's. Most unexpectedly, we ventured to see the Star Spangled Banner and I was bombarded by very deep emotions as I took a seat and gazed upon this flag. This proved to be the most profound moment of my visit to DC and came totally out of nowhere. From here we left our touristy ways and caught some lunch and prepared for our return flight home. 

A day after we got home I was milling about the house and decided to take a shower. As I stepped in and started to wash up, I noticed something wasn't quite right about my junk. There, to my bewilderment and horror, was my gift of the Virginian forest. A tick, bloated and purple, was snugly sucking away on the sweet scrotum juice of my balls. How this bastard survived swimming, showers, and laundry, I'll never know. I saved you from the visual evidence of a photograph so you'll just have to use your imagination.

 The moral of the story is that you should always inspect your genitals thoroughly after after a day squatching in the woods. 

Support Grimerica in September

For the month of September all paid digital downloads of my band Sleestak will directly benefit the Grimerica Show. Grimerica is one of my favorite podcasts and they recently let me start publishing my blog posts over on their website so I'd like to help them out a little more. 

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And now you'll have some great (hopefully!) tunes for the soundtrack of your next psychedelic excursion. 

Waking Up Part 2

We are born.

We grow, as children, aligning with the patterns and frequencies of systems created before our birth. They become ingrained within us and manifest themselves as second nature. From the seemingly most mundane systems, such as the intervals of stop lights at an intersection or the single-file, linear processing of items at the check-out lane in a grocery store, all the way up the fractal ladder to the complex give and take of buying and selling in the world's economic market or the intricate web of scheduled airline flights. Without prejudice, we have adopted all these things and in turn are granted the notion of pseudo-freedom: the ability to freely make choices within a set parameter, within the boundaries of accepted rules. The game is set up in a way that one is forced to follow. One has no choice in this. Even within the mind, we have been conditioned and confined through psychological warfare tactics such as advertisements and commercials, the subtle cues of cultural and corporate symbolism, the language used in news stories coupled with emotionally charged photographs. We begin our mornings with an inauspicious demeanor, only to end up brimming over by evening with useless factoidal information and spoon-fed opinions by "authorities" and "experts". The individual is lost in a manufactured electro-pornographic fog. Where once the ego stood as a means of self-preservation and the embodiment of identity, now is a shallow vehicle driven by material gain and consumerism. The essence of our humanity has been intentionally split down the middle and this, this now is the dualistic machine in our present day that confronts us, pits us against each other, and ourselves.

There are those who declare themselves "awake". This term as a finality in one's existence or growth must be abandoned and re-branded into verb form instead of a means to describe one's state. Awakening. We are in the process of awakening. The eyes of individuals may be opening and each day that greets us allows for them to open a little more. Each new discovery or revelation is a finite point, a capstone on the succession of pyramids of one's awakening, like the all-seeing eye, an illuminated window shining into the soul. Beneath is the structure of hard evidence, spiritual desires, and personal interpretations creating the singularity of a truth. That truth then becomes one of many, and as well, a foundation block to the greater mystery. Together, they unite the split, dualistic, manufactured identity of the modern human condition. In other words, we are made whole again.

We may be labeled with derogatory terms such as conspiracy theorists, wearers of tin foil hats, nut jobs, wackos, and a multitude of other words used to push us to the fringes of our social groups. We've become ostracized in such a way so that we can be packaged into a tidy subculture, easily used for media amusements or establishment agendas. They will ridicule us and provoke us into becoming reactionary. They will polarize us through blatant displays of corruption, greed, and injustice. Our job is to be vigilant and take note of the propaganda that is pushed on us, realize the farce of politics as a system of slave management, and recognize our economic and monetary system for the invisible debt prison it has become. How easily we have embraced these systems and now regard them as necessary and integral to our existence. Waking up is the process of acknowledgment and shedding of these systems. The three main nodes a person encounters within this process are denial, acceptance, and action. 

Denial is, of course, the healthy starting point to the big picture. It means the brain is struggling with the fact that there are unanswered questions in the worldview of the individual but a good deal of effort must be made to move past this stage. There are protective measures that evolve during one's programming that then act as a security enforcement of the comfort so many of us remember prior to witnessing so many truths. And yes, many times, many of us can be envious of that comfort, that warm place in which we were so assured of everything in our lives. One must be skeptical of all that surrounds, but mostly the smug righteousness of the materialistic modern ego. Denial, in the context of this process, can then easily manifest out of fear of the breakdown of that ego, the fear of ridicule, the fear of the unknown and what lies ahead for the individual. It can be daunting to look in the mirror and have a true acceptance that everything you knew and how you came to know it is utterly false and does not exist in the way you thought. Think about your upbringing, education, relationships, and employment and go deep into the concepts and core of those things. At the base level, the lies and deceit become evident though, most of it is not intended or specifically directed at you. These are perceptions and ideals that have been inherited through generations. As an rudimentary example, everyone knows that Christopher Columbus did not discover America and through a simple investigation one can discover the facts behind this. Yet, this is still the standard teaching in schools everywhere. You can also see that, in addition to lies, campaigns of avoidance are being propagated throughout our society. Given the previous example of Christopher Columbus, we are never taught about the genocide inflicted upon the native peoples. How are we to accept this seeing the conflict of interests within the institutions we've come to trust? All that we have known is based upon surface-level ideologies driven by the agendas of people with power and money. Once we begin to recognize this pattern in everything else, and as a result, verify for ourselves the misleading and distracting nature of our reality, we can finally move past the denial and into acceptance. 

The stage of accepting the shift in one's paradigm is relatively brief. This is a moment of stasis and reflection, a time for saying our farewell speech to the inauthentic and false doctrines of archaic institutions. Wave goodbye to being compliant with explanations handed down by the old gatekeepers of information. Look to the road of action ahead and to opening the doors of truth that lie in wait. It is not uncommon to experience anger, depression, and even guilt in the recounting of one's life up until this moment. But, as with everything in life, this is only temporary. You will begin to experience regular synchronicities: moments when the universe and its energies perfectly align with your thoughts, interests, and priorities and are seemingly mirrored in your everyday environment. These are affirmations and omens that the path you now walk is supported, or rather encouraged, by Spirit. This path is the course of awakening. The negative emotions you may have felt must be channeled and focused into productive activities that lift you higher and thus enabling the path of least resistance. When speaking of resistance here, it is not to say you will not encounter opposition or conflict, instead it is meant that your heart and intent will sail smoothly onward. Take notice of your new found inner peace. Notice how your mind and body no longer seem to swim against the current of the universal flow. You have attained acceptance of the world's theater, of the facade that clouds our daily vision from seeing or appreciating our true nature.

After the struggles of denial and acceptance, one becomes empowered to take action in the midst of their awakening. Once again, we must come to acknowledge that everything is based on frequency. Violence and acts of hate, or directed negative emotions are of primitive, low frequencies and must be abstained from except in times of absolute need. We do not and can not discard these aspects of our being as they are inherent and serve purpose in moments when we need them to but it is unhealthy to form the majority of one's existence around them. We may call upon these negative energies in a life or death confrontation, when our ability for self-preservation is threatened. 

It is possible to steer away from consuming impulses that are detrimental to ourselves and raise our frequency to a level where the whole of the being no longer thrives on those low vibrations. This can be accomplished in a number of ways including meditation. Meditation also helps to find direction when too many distractions are bombarding you and keeping you from finding and staying on your path. This is the principle behind the practice and is shown to be effective in religious faiths around the world. By adopting meditation as a regular part of your daily routine, you're also helping to insure that the awakening process continues and prevents you from slipping back into the brainwashed state from whence you came. 

But, this is often not enough in terms of action. The individual tends to feel an obligation to help others in their awakening. Activism can play a key role in this but there are many pitfalls associated with it. As seen with numerous groups previously such as the Occupy movement, Black Panthers, and even the ufo organization MUFON, it has been proven that at some point they are infiltrated and their ideals ultimately compromised by intelligence agencies and rival groups. This is then followed by by disinformation to sway public opinion and once more it becomes easy to control, monitor, and define the group's activities. The group or individuals within it can just as well become patsies for an Hegelian Dialectic agenda. Aside from these obvious issues with activism, it's also very easy for the person in the awakening mode to become too focused on whatever issue they've decided to stand with and thus stifling their further growth. It might as well be just another method for putting on blinders and going back to sleep. The best advice is to contribute by calling attention to issues and then keep moving and researching for truths. Activists are definitely needed in our society to fight against injustices but we are in a different category. We are people striving for our own personal ascension and then to seek out and do the same for others. We search for all the puzzle pieces and for alternative ways to put them together. 

Ultimately, and seeing the current state of affairs, the greatest course of action is quite possibly devoting oneself to waking others up. By no means is this an easy task especially when you can think back to how difficult this was for yourself. You will come to recognize all the same traits and trials that you went through previously. However, this should only encourage you and embolden you to creatively venture out into multiple methods of attempt. It's quite common these days to reach out by starting a podcast, writing a blog or a book, or even joining forums to distribute the same facts that got you thinking in the first place. Don't worry about how many people you may or may not reach or even the criticism you might face. Stand your ground and if what you say or do gets just one person to question the sleeping life they live, then you've succeeded. Most will need a gentle yet persistent nudging to have their eyes opened, some will need to be stirred with a strong voice of alarm. The key is to just continue on with passion and surround yourself with those who are finding out their own truths. The work here lends itself best to one on one interaction and we reap the most reward by furthering the concepts of the individual, personal freedoms, spiritual awareness, and reclaiming the natural human condition in accordance with our relationship to the Earth. 

The choices we have before us are vast and the road is long but waking up is of the utmost importance to the human species. It is critical for our long term survival that we break the invisible chains of bondage we have come to so willingly accept. Nothing in this world lasts forever as civilizations rise and fall, landscapes are altered by climate and war, and those corrupt rulers of the masses eventually die, rot, and fade from memory. Nothing, save the perseverance of the human race to meet every challenge that befalls us across time eternal. 

We are reborn. 

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Salvia Divinorum

DISCLAIMER: Each individual human being has a body, mind, soul, and consciousness. These are the sovereign properties of the individual and thus we have the inherent right to choose the paths, substances, practices, beliefs, etc. we deem fit in order for us to either better ourselves as human beings, learn about our personal identity, or learn about the world in which we exist. The information provided in the following article is only to convey my own personal experience, the path I chose to walk, and how it relates only to myself. It is up to the individual to make their own responsible and informed decisions and I hold no claim to the actions or outcomes of anyone else's modus operandi.

Learn about Salvia Divinorum at

Summer, 2003. I began my affair with salvia in early summer, researching online, discovering it was legal, and trying to decide from where to purchase it from. The majority of info I came across compared it to cannabis with having a slight psychedelic element and that immediately prompted my interest in wanting to experiment with it. I found an online store based in Madison, Wisconsin that claimed to have 10th generation (or something of the sort) offspring plants from Albert Hofmann's original salvia plants, also known as the Wasson-Hofmann strain. I think reading that solidified the deal and I ordered a half ounce of regular leaf and a packet of 30x extract leaf. Anxiously, and with a bit of paranoia about mail ordering a psychedelic substance, I waited for it to arrive.

Several days later as I walked up to my house, home from a practice session with the band I was in at the time, I noticed a manila package stuffed into the little mailbox designated for my upper unit. I contained the rush of excitement, nervousness, and curiosity that swept over me and focused that into strict willful intent and plant reverence. 

Briskly heading upstairs, I went in and called my friend (who I'll call "R") and made plans to stop by later that night to test out my newly acquired stash. I decided then that I would get a head start and sample a portion of the regular leaf material. 

SESSION 1 - My introduction to the plant

I had made the decision earlier on that I would not smoke any weed the day of salvia experimentation so my experience would be unclouded but I was wanting to smoke something. I sat on the couch and pulled the half ounce bag to my lap along with my small brass pipe. Rustling through the leaves, I felt they were dry and brittle, having an organic and herbal smell, like something I would cook with. I chose a few leaves and mashed them into the pipe. Next, I grabbed my butane lighter, put the pipe to my mouth and took a long slow drag. I savored it in order to judge the taste. It was a little harsh and had a slight metallic taste but I could feel the effect within a few seconds. This wasn't the buzz I was used to with cannabis, and although not entirely unpleasant, it was not the comforting release of muscle tension associated with bud. This was an entirely new entity I was being introduced to. My vision was mildly distorted in the sense that I seemed to be peering through a fish-eye lens, almost an aura of being underwater. Overall, I could compare this first session to a mild combination of cannabis and nitrous oxide, with a bit of a "mechanical" vibe to it. I'm not sure how to explain that last part any better but I definitely put some gears into motion, or at least glimpsed the spirit within the plant now that I had awoken her and called attention to myself and my motivations. The buzz disintegrated within about six to seven minutes and I was back to my normal self, ready for more...

SESSIONS 2 AND 3 - A couple steps closer

I grabbed the two packages of salvia - one, a puffy half ounce zip-lock bag of dried leaves and the other, a tiny zip-lock packet containing the few grams of what looked to be finely ground 30x extract leaf material - and assessed my state of mind and physical ability to drive. My senses appeared to be fully intact and I headed down the stairs, got in my car, and started the 15 minute drive to R's house.

At this point, it was dark outside and the drive was uneventful. I arrived at R's place, a mutual friend (who I'll call "B") was there sitting in a chair playing a video game called Civilization on the Playstation, and I took a spot next to R on the couch. We had the lights turned off except for the glow of the television and I unveiled my vegetative treasure. I asked B if he was going to participate but he declined as he didn't want to take any chances with an upcoming drug test for a job he was starting soon. R then handed me his pipe, and after revealing my initial experience, I packed it full of the regular leaves. We took turns, with R smoking the bowl first and me observing and waiting until his whole session was done. From what I remember, he had a similar effect as I did in Session 1. I was up next and I filled the pipe, making sure I was going to ingest more material than the first time. The sensation came on instantly as I cashed the bowl. I was sitting with my eyes closed, an amorphous space of darkness in front of me, when B said something about making a city in the game he was playing. Immediately, a first-person vision emerged of me standing on a boardwalk by the sea. Old buildings manifested on my right with the water on my left and I noticed I was walking on a cobblestone street in what could have been a seaside town in centuries-old England. The detail was incredible and as I walked, it became apparent that I was a small child, my left hand holding the right hand of an unseen adult. As we progressed down the street on this misty, overcast day, I felt my body become less heavy and I started walking into the air. Each footstep carried me upwards to the sky on invisible stairs with the scenery and buildings eventually seen from above. Just past the rooftops, my eyes slowly opened, the humming of this vision fading away like a dream. I realized that during this scenario my thoughts were completely sober, as well as my sense of hearing, and putting the puzzle of my vision together I concluded that salvia trips were very sensitive to audio input. I thought this was an interesting observation.

In round two, R and I decided to try some of the 30x mixed with the regular stuff and see what happens. Again, he went first and unfortunately I don't recall the details of his session except that he felt "close to reaching something". I went through the same protocol, this time adding a pinch of 30x extract on top of my leafy portion. My sensation this time around was more ambiguous, more dream-like, but I remember being outside of a large circular concrete building that had a metal awning-type structure under which I stood. There was a blue door with no handle on it and I had the notion that I couldn't get in and resolved to hang out by myself. Feeling a little down, I stood and listened. Instead of actual sound there was the impression of sound, like there was a party with music happening on the other side of the door. It was low and muffled and no discernible details were evident. I came out of this vision much like the last one with my eyes coming open and the images dissipating quickly. Normal consciousness resumed, although, overall I really felt that it had not been greatly disturbed thus far with smoking salvia.

I stayed for another half hour or so before deciding to call it a night and return home. We came to the conclusion that while salvia didn't seem intense in and of itself, there were very interesting properties about it and could warrant trying it out once in awhile.

SESSION 4 - Naked at the carnival

Some of my psychedelic inspired artwork.

After I got back home, I milled about for awhile recalling the night's escapades. Something was irritating me, something like unfinished business. I wasn't sure what to do as I, like R, felt so close to reaching or achieving a goal and finally decided I was going to rid myself of the "what if" that was eating away at me and go for broke into the unexplored region of hyperspace. Now that I was alone, I set about to prepare my space. I lit a small tealight candle and placed it in a corner, pulled a dining room chair into the living room and put it in front of the stereo system, and moved a side table next to the chair. I positioned things like this so I could plug in and wear my big over-the-ear headphones and listen to something while partaking in this ritual. The table was set with my pipe and stash and I filled the bowl with a lesser amount of regular leaf material and the rest with the 30x. I made another little pile just the same as was in the pipe, ready to be scooped up and smoked consecutively with the first bowl. In the cd player, I put in a disc of nature sounds, specifically a soundtrack of thunderstorms and rain as I didn't want to be influenced by any certain song. The lights went out, I sat at my improvised psychedelic smoking station, and donned the headphones.

I took several deep breaths and brought the pipe to my lips. Within one great inhalation I disintegrated the entire contents, tapped out the ashes onto the table, and packed the next one right away as I exhaled. Another fantastic toke was taking place and right before I was able to finish the second bowl everything stopped. I had not even become aware that I was transitioning into such a psychedelic state. I heard the rain and distant thunder in my headphones but it was almost background noise and this time I kept my eyes open. In front of me spiraled a giant translucent chrysanthemum, a brief but beautiful image of organic geometric cohesiveness. This lasted but a moment as it moved closer and shapeshifted. I was soon enveloped by this thing as it became a holographic representation of my brain and I was sitting in it looking out. Within the semi-darkness of the room it glowed with faint purples, blues, and greens. This vision then faded as I found myself to be seated on a stage in a theater, an audience of a couple hundred people in front of me applauding. I think I grinned but didn't know why I was being applauded. The grip of the headphones over my skull made me itch and I grabbed them and carelessly tossed them to the ground yet everyone still clapped. It was then I had the feeling I wasn't alone. My peripheral vision caught the appearance of someone standing to the right of me, slightly back. This being is what I've come to refer to as "The Tall Man". He was all black, a faceless shadow, yet I could tell he was dressed in the uniform of a circus ringmaster. How strange it was that his top hat scrunched against the height of my ceiling. Was he physically in the room with me? A voice entered my mind, "Welcome to the carnival! We're all so glad you made it! We've much to show you!" There was more to this telepathic conversation as I'm sure I was talking back but this was a chaotic moment within the trip. The Tall Man made no movements and just stood there. The audience calmed down to a distant echo. I then wondered to myself how long had it been that I was tripping this hard? Flashes of scorching heat swept over my body and I peeled the clothes from me and flung them to wherever they might land. An instantaneous fleeting thought of needing help, of calling R to come save me from this insanity, came and went. The Tall Man was gone and I sat there naked and had my next thought that I should go outside for a walk. "Wait! No! Don't do that you fucking idiot! Why not? It's a pleasant summer night and going for a walk would feel so nice! No, you better sit right where you are and forget about it!" This continued for a minute longer as I couldn't believe I was actually having an argument with myself.

My living room surroundings faded into view. I glanced about, barely able to move, without clothes, and slithered over to the couch. Normal reality came back like coming up for air after holding my breath in a swimming pool. I checked the time on the VCR below my television and it had been just over nine minutes since I left the planet. I made it back alive and I'm very happy I had been physically unable to go out for a nighttime walk.


While only a relatively short trip, salvia immediately became the most intense psychedelic experience I've ever had in my life so far. It blew away my numerous interactions with mushrooms and LSD by any measure and should not be taken lightly. In retrospect I should have had a babysitter but the majority of times I've taken these substances has been by myself, mostly to avoid distractions and perhaps not wanting to be judged for what might be deemed strange behavior. I'm a creative person and I like to involve myself with thinking, drawing, writing, and music and during these experiences I tend to get fully immersed. Let me tell you, Session 4 was full immersion. To this day I will swear that the Tall Man physically manifested into my living room...or perhaps instead it was me that went to the carnival. One day I may return, now that I have the key to the blue door...

New to CBD? is now live

I am pleased to announce that is now live! Use it to get to your new favorite blog...

I also wanted to let everyone know that coming within the next week I am hoping to have two more extensive new blog posts. One will be about salvia divinorum and I'll also have another post about what it means to be AWAKE. 

More Drones....

Yes, for sure my wife and son both saw two plane-style drones today flying at about bird flight elevation. Wtf?

(Edit: the second drone, I found out, was more teardrop shaped and the wires and mechanics of it were visible to an extent. )


After work and sitting on the porch, my wife tells me she thinks she saw a drone earlier this afternoon traveling northeast. Just then I spot what looks like a white jet flying east however, no contrails. It disappeared into a cloud. I waited and it never came out the other side. Within five minutes, to my surprise another approached from the south going north. It looked to be at the same altitude and had the same appearance. Again, no contrails and it made its way into a puff of clouds.  According to its trajectory, I should have seen it come out the other side. It did not. It was almost as if it entered the cloud and then remained within. Both of these looked and acted the same as the one my wife saw. I'm no expert on drones but I know a jet when I see one and I know the normal contrails that are supposed to follow. No contrails from any of these whatsoever but I don't know if those bigger UAVs emit them at all. Maybe someone can fill me in. I look at the sky much more than the average person and trust me when I say that I'm familiar with what flies around in my neck of the woods. These things seemed out of place. If they are drones, they were the agricultural or military type for sure but I don't think the agricultural ones fly that high or in those directions. Lake Michigan is that way...

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Rh negative (RH-) blood type - new theory, new questions

Recently, we've "rediscovered" my wife's Rh negative blood type. We had known about her blood type due to issues when the kids were born but actually never knew all the theories about the blood. It was just one of those things you never think about or never realized had any real significance except during pregnancy. There are other things happening around us presently related to the Rh- but I'm keeping quiet about that stuff - at least for now.

Conversations, however, have been bubbling up about different aspects of this subject and yesterday it crossed my mind that it could be tied in with another phenomenon that is of great interest to me and many others: the Missing 411 cases. After sending an email to the CanAm website folks and the Missing 411 website, I scoured the internet to see if anyone had thought of this possible relation and came up empty handed. I know that many Rh- people are targeted individuals, sometimes from birth, and often are victims of gang stalking. The victims in the 411 cases range in age from toddlers to the elderly and many of the ones found alive have some type of disability or impairment that prevents them from articulating the events connected with their circumstance. 

What I suggest here, while completely speculative, is that there is a definitive connection to the Rh- factor. As I'm waiting on a hopeful response from David Paulides and company to see if this has ever been looked into, I wanted to throw it out there and wonder if anyone has thoughts on this. In one of my searches I came across some speculations that Sasquatch may have a Rh- blood type and relating them to the idea that they may be the surviving remnants of the Nephilim. The Nephilim are considered to be fallen angels of a sort and are said to have had sexual relations with female humans. Now, this is not my theory per say and you of course have to assume that a Bigfoot creature is involved to some degree with the 411 cases. My take on it is that if there is Sasquatch involvement and there is a link to Rh- then I believe these people may stick out as an anomaly to the creatures, either by scent or some other identifying agent within the blood such as being copper-based. I'm not saying there is a genetic connection between species just that it may be more of a curiosity about the Rh- people as they lack the rhesus monkey antigen and are seen as interesting to sensitive primate creatures. Also, while I don't know for sure but to help tie this in with Rh-, I'm guessing that the majority of cases involve people of Caucasian or European ethnic descent. This ethnic group has the highest occurrence of the Rh- blood type. 

Of course, none of these missing persons cases could have anything to do with Bigfoot at all. We could go out on a limb here and guess that there may be an extraterrestrial connection, as some have suggested, having to do with a hybrid program. The Rh- people, considered to be tied into Indigo children and ufo abductees, and those groups considered to have had some degree of genetic intervention, could be subjected to monitoring and tracking and even continued experimentation, up to and including failure in such, which could result in the death of the subject. The victims that have been located are usually found in areas with difficult accessibility and far removed from the original location of disappearance.  

If we push even further into the fringe, we may find a connection to these 411 cases with the copper-based blood in Rh- people and their tendency to affect electronic devices, as well as their predisposition for affecting electromagnetic fields. This could, in fringe theory, somehow come into play with these remote forested areas where there may already exist some geomagnetic or electromagnetic anomaly. The disappearances may take place where fault lines occur or even on the intersections of earth's energy grids where tectonic activity may be happening, producing natural currents or bursts of electricity. Might this combination of unusual attributes create literal rips in our dimension or distort time and space as we understand it? And might these unfortunate individuals fall prey to nature's technical capabilities?

In the end, what it comes down to is that my overall feeling is the Rh- blood type plays some role in regards to these strange missing persons cases. It may not have anything to do with the above mentioned scenarios, and of course doesn't explain all of the instances, but may just be a piece of the puzzle to lead the search in a new direction. I really hope I get an answer to my email inquiries as blood types of the victims should be obtainable in most cases and can then be verified as FACT. If it turns out that my hunch was wrong, then it's all good and at least this avenue of exploration into the mystery can be put to bed. I welcome all who read this to submit their input and opinions in this matter. As a side note, I'm also curious as to whether people who have high interaction and experiences with Sasquatch might be Rh-. Something to think about...

Recommended books: Bloodline of the Gods: Unravel the Mystery in the Human Blood Type to Reveal the Aliens Among Us  by Nick Redfern.

The Levite Priest and The RH Negative Blood Type by Roberta Ruth Hill.

For more information check out  Missing 411 and David Paulides

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