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Rh negative (RH-) blood type - new theory, new questions

Recently, we've "rediscovered" my wife's Rh negative blood type. We had known about her blood type due to issues when the kids were born but actually never knew all the theories about the blood. It was just one of those things you never think about or never realized had any real significance except during pregnancy. There are other things happening around us presently related to the Rh- but I'm keeping quiet about that stuff - at least for now.

Conversations, however, have been bubbling up about different aspects of this subject and yesterday it crossed my mind that it could be tied in with another phenomenon that is of great interest to me and many others: the Missing 411 cases. After sending an email to the CanAm website folks and the Missing 411 website, I scoured the internet to see if anyone had thought of this possible relation and came up empty handed. I know that many Rh- people are targeted individuals, sometimes from birth, and often are victims of gang stalking. The victims in the 411 cases range in age from toddlers to the elderly and many of the ones found alive have some type of disability or impairment that prevents them from articulating the events connected with their circumstance. 

What I suggest here, while completely speculative, is that there is a definitive connection to the Rh- factor. As I'm waiting on a hopeful response from David Paulides and company to see if this has ever been looked into, I wanted to throw it out there and wonder if anyone has thoughts on this. In one of my searches I came across some speculations that Sasquatch may have a Rh- blood type and relating them to the idea that they may be the surviving remnants of the Nephilim. The Nephilim are considered to be fallen angels of a sort and are said to have had sexual relations with female humans. Now, this is not my theory per say and you of course have to assume that a Bigfoot creature is involved to some degree with the 411 cases. My take on it is that if there is Sasquatch involvement and there is a link to Rh- then I believe these people may stick out as an anomaly to the creatures, either by scent or some other identifying agent within the blood such as being copper-based. I'm not saying there is a genetic connection between species just that it may be more of a curiosity about the Rh- people as they lack the rhesus monkey antigen and are seen as interesting to sensitive primate creatures. Also, while I don't know for sure but to help tie this in with Rh-, I'm guessing that the majority of cases involve people of Caucasian or European ethnic descent. This ethnic group has the highest occurrence of the Rh- blood type. 

Of course, none of these missing persons cases could have anything to do with Bigfoot at all. We could go out on a limb here and guess that there may be an extraterrestrial connection, as some have suggested, having to do with a hybrid program. The Rh- people, considered to be tied into Indigo children and ufo abductees, and those groups considered to have had some degree of genetic intervention, could be subjected to monitoring and tracking and even continued experimentation, up to and including failure in such, which could result in the death of the subject. The victims that have been located are usually found in areas with difficult accessibility and far removed from the original location of disappearance.  

If we push even further into the fringe, we may find a connection to these 411 cases with the copper-based blood in Rh- people and their tendency to affect electronic devices, as well as their predisposition for affecting electromagnetic fields. This could, in fringe theory, somehow come into play with these remote forested areas where there may already exist some geomagnetic or electromagnetic anomaly. The disappearances may take place where fault lines occur or even on the intersections of earth's energy grids where tectonic activity may be happening, producing natural currents or bursts of electricity. Might this combination of unusual attributes create literal rips in our dimension or distort time and space as we understand it? And might these unfortunate individuals fall prey to nature's technical capabilities?

In the end, what it comes down to is that my overall feeling is the Rh- blood type plays some role in regards to these strange missing persons cases. It may not have anything to do with the above mentioned scenarios, and of course doesn't explain all of the instances, but may just be a piece of the puzzle to lead the search in a new direction. I really hope I get an answer to my email inquiries as blood types of the victims should be obtainable in most cases and can then be verified as FACT. If it turns out that my hunch was wrong, then it's all good and at least this avenue of exploration into the mystery can be put to bed. I welcome all who read this to submit their input and opinions in this matter. As a side note, I'm also curious as to whether people who have high interaction and experiences with Sasquatch might be Rh-. Something to think about...

Recommended books: Bloodline of the Gods: Unravel the Mystery in the Human Blood Type to Reveal the Aliens Among Us  by Nick Redfern.

The Levite Priest and The RH Negative Blood Type by Roberta Ruth Hill.

For more information check out  Missing 411 and David Paulides


  1. Wondered about a possible connection also after reading Mr. Paulide's Missing 411. Hope you get an answer to your theory. Very interesting!

    1. Thanks, doubt I'll hear back though. I also sent an inquiry to Nick Redfern as his new book deals with Rh- blood.

    2. The negative blood type are the women seed in genesis 3:15. The goog guys.

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  3. Yes, finally somebody sees this. There is definitely a connection as I can tell you my mother who disappeared in 2007 was the neg. The thing is, the body I'm sure is her (found in Mexico) was found along another woman's body from Florida who went missing a week prior. The only link between them was there blood type. There's much more to this, but definitely something strange going on here..

    1. I'm sorry to hear about your mother. Your account ties in with theories about the involvement of the Mexican drug cartel. I personally don't buy it though with the Rh factor involved. There's got to be something that's not being looked at and the common blood types are tying into it. It goes beyond bigfoot, UFOS, etc. but I can only begin to fathom what's behind this.

  4. I've been wondering the same thing! I have a feeling that the missing are victims to some sort of secret Experimental program run by the elite of this world. I would love to know what the common ethnic backgrounds the missing have and if it could be expanded upon into a breakdown into blood types. I have a feeling the Rh negative blood type is going to be tied into this.

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  7. connections: RH negs, Aryan bloodline, Nazi breeding, occult and demonology, disney occult, perversion in media, perverts create victims, victims create psychic ability, psychic abilty creates trauma based mind control, disney also promotes psychic ability and witch craft.
    Disney also promotes narcissism and socialism which in turn seems to support gangstalking, a lot targeted individuals seem to be RH negs, I would say this leads to Narcissists not trying to make RH negs commit suicide but instead trying to herd them like cattle,
    so where are they being herded to well watch Disney they now have shares in marvel and lucas films, the first star wars with psychic ability and mind reading, deadpool pretty much says what im saying now, RH negs are known to have psychic ability

  8. Demons are aliens are light beings are what psychics talk to are what runs this planet are what people see in near death experiences, they created the Nazi super race and now they are herding them not due to racism due to mind control

  9. i am rh negative
    i am a targeted individual
    i am of freemason descendant
    my grandma was born in germany
    my mother in law remembers a ufo abduction before giving birth to my partner before that she couldnt have kids
    i know the psychic running my smear campaign
    they do know my future and past and present
    ive had all the symptoms of demonic possession
    i also have all the symptoms of a lightworker
    i have most of the symptoms of a paranoid scizophrenic but not quite
    i have psychic ability which isnt mkultra
    i have also been told a safe place to go during an upcoming apocalypse but i dont trust them do i know i dont have much time before they take me out,
    i have two beautiful kids
    and i think they are the real targets but no one believes me and im out of ideas to protect them, if i speak up theyll take the kids off me if i stay quiet i will lose the battle, i need to find others like me but my partner doesnt believe me, i am extremely close to calling human trafficking but i dont know who to trust

  10. OMG! I just emailed Paulides tonight with this VERY SAME idea, reading these numerous accounts over 100 years of inexplicable disappearances world wide. The kicker for me was hearing of the 5 year old boy who returned to the location for a memorial to his missing brother who vanished there earlier, was never found and HE TOO DISAPPEARED! Can you imagine the horror of his parents? He reappeared a couple days later, describing a "bear, something fuzzy" not as in hairy but he couldn't articulate the physical features well. HE STATED "THEY TOLD ME I WAS THE WRONG TYPE!" BINGO! BTW, I'm an O NEG, an intuitive empath and thats my feeling. And their admission of hardly any Asian, Black, or Hispanic ever. As you know, there are very few RH-'s in those races...Another strange thing anomaly, is if you look down at very center of US top to bottom; 6 -7 states, NOT ONE INCIDENT! So you wonder. NO RH-'s ever venture there? Highly unlikely. I thought of the DUMBS, too, but they weren't built 100 years ago. I think you're onto something, considering many purported UFO abductee are RH-. I wonder why there was no blood typing on any autopsies. If I were a relative it would be my first suggestion on recovery dead or alive to shed light on this mystery. Someone asked him about it I believe and he felt it too invasive to request. People are DESPERATE FOR ANSWERS HERE! THEYD GIVE THEIR LIVES IN SOME CASES! TEST THE NEXT ONE, IF FOUND OR THEIR CLOSEST RELATIVE. Also, he said gun bearers weren't taken, now has a book on missing hunters. Is it the transponder, gun combo that spares them? I wouldn't chance it.

  11. BTW, I have the severe electrical interference symptom! SO frustrating, people think I'm crazy, but we all know it's a proven scientific fact for the Neg's. I'm also a TI with bizarre, incomprehensible stories that don't occur to any one I know. I have 0 knowledge of my dad or where I was the first 18 mos. of life, until illegally "adopted" and ritually abused by both "parents", even though I excelled at everything and was very obedient. They'd hold me back in private school when my teachers advanced me to the next grade before than the others. My entire life has followed suite. It's as if everyone wants to and does sabotage my accomplishments and attack my success. Always excelled at everything I've undertaken. I feel "they" want our intuition and rare blood's life force; whatever it is that sets us apart. I'm not special, as we are often accused of feeling. Just different, don't fit in and most react strangely to many of us. Why, I don't know. I can spot a liar a mile off and can read what they think. Im very humble, kind and helpful, was a healer before retiring, now disabled from all the car wrecks, none ever my fault. Perfectly healthy, otherwise. I've often considered going to Yosemite and hiking around, just hoping they'll take me. Honestly. Maybe the "keepers" are going to a better place...So tired of the undermining going on non stop on every level, even to getting my scripts filled at the pharmacy. My bizarre experiences are endless and inexplicable. The OP's wife is VERY fortunate to have a loving man not intimidated by her. Many of us Neg's have it VERY rough our whole lives in between some sporadic great moments. I do believe we're tracked from birth and are some type of project. For whom, I don't know. But after 59 years, I've had enough. Good Luck to all and I hope they solve this mystery, unlikely after over a century. Even if they do and find its's us neg's they want, it won't stop such powerful force far greater than us.

  12. its the harvesting of ripe souls

  13. yep we are being herded with fear, terrorism, plague, narcissism, gangstalking, rh negatives will eventually be herded into place, we are the ripe souls, then the new world order will kick in, 11:11 is MKultra

  14. I have a different theory. I am an RH Negative and have been gang stalked for decades. I didn't even learn the term until just last year.

    Q: What is the purpose of gang stalking?

    A: The purpose is first, to intimidate; silence the “targeted individual” (TI). If that fails, separate the TI from all elements of society. This is achieved through destruction of all familial, friendship and acquaintance relationships. This serves to severely isolate the TI. Because man is a social being, this often drives the TI to mental illness, and a diagnosis. This serves to destroy credibility and completely disenfranchise the TI from society entirely. Many TI’s are driven to suicide (a “soft kill”). All of this is is achieved through highly organized and devastating harassment in all areas of life.

  15. Q: What / Who are RH Negatives?

    A: Contrary to popular belief, and the highly successful disinformation campaign that has perpetuated it, RH Negatives are NOT the progeny of “fallen angels.”

    REMINDER: The offspring of the Nephilim were giants.

    In contrast, RH Negative individuals are the closest beings on earth to original man. In many cases, they are born of two RH Positives.

    RH Negatives lack the Rhesus factor. Therefore, it follows that the Rhesus Factor is an “add-on.” Therefore, it is THE RH POSITIVES WHO ARE THE ACTUAL “HYBRIDS.” I care not how many people say “Donkey” because I know who you work for because what you say is absolutely NOT TRUE.

    The purpose of the “RhoGam” shot “required” for pregnant women who are RH Negative, is to breed out RH Negatives.

    The reason RH Negative girls aren't educated about blood compatibility in reproduction is for the purpose of breeding RH Negatives out of society altogether. I have three children by an RH Positive father and they are all RH Positive. The out-breeding program worked on my entire progeny. It is working in the world too when one considers that RH Negatives account for less than 15% of total world population.

    1. This def resonates with me...i agree on all parts...i notice the general population is hypnotised they don't have the natural anger..for defense ..against authority..

  16. Q: Who would want to breed out "original man?"

    A: "THE ENEMY"

    The very same enemy who, you may have heard, is "The Deceiver of All Men." I used to be an Atheist but I've seen something that changed my mind in a heartbeat. An actual "Demon" seemingly “posted” across a field. Bored, and stretching out it’s arms and bat-like wings, hands fist-ed waiting patiently to fulfill it’s purpose.

    Now, I'm sure you think, as nearly everyone else I’ve shared this with, that I'm crazy. Guess what? I DON’T CARE. I'm used to it -having been a victim of Organized Gang Stalking (OGS) for decades. RH Negatives are stalked and labeled “Crazy” so that people will not believe us because a great awakening is happening right now. Of course nobody believes me. I am a messenger and you have a choice.

    There is a term for your desire to call “Bull S**T,” It’s called “Cognitive Dissonance.” It is the same phenomenon that keeps people from looking into “conspiracy theories.” Due to your programming from birth, you are unable to hold this belief in addition to the beliefs that you already hold to be true.

    You’ve also been programmed, through the media, to not believe anything that contradicts the “accepted reality” that you’ve been presented with by the powers that be. After all, if you believed such a thing, you would absolutely be ridiculed and handed a tin foil hat. If you share such “ideas” you are a threat to the ultimate plan and will be gang stalked.

    Some of us however, value TRUTH, as a much higher priority, over mere SOCIAL ACCEPTANCE.

    1. You spoke more truth here than anywhere on the inter-net.. Thank You, I also agree with everything you say, I was labeled crazy and I have no idea why. I always felt like I could do anything. I was talented.., everything went dark after life got too hard., .but I am strong now and nobody can stop me. They gave me rhogam shots before and after all my pregnancies. otherwise I would have lost my babies and I did almost die from bleeding ..they could not stop the bleeding for hours after birth, ..all cesarean section except the 4th baby because she had a different father.


    The "Theory" of Evolution is an elaborate fiction created as a form of mass mind control; the same as the earth being a "globe;" all brought you by the “grand priests of scientism” -who work for none other than the "father of all lies."

    I'm sure that 99.999% will not believe me and wouldn't be willing to consider that we’ve all been deceived from the moment we saw our first globe in kindergarten, or the fake footage of an alleged moon landing, or the fake footage from the ISS. There is a reason that NASA uses a bright red serpent's tongue in their logo. -Of course, they call it a "vector."

    The word nasa in Hebrew means "To deceive; beguile." Are you familiar with the term "Synagogue of Satan" in Revelation? SYNAGOGUE... HEBREW... Notice any connection? This is NOT ALL JEWS, this is “THOSE THAT CALL THEMSELVES JEWS WHO DO LIE.”

    They, the “human” minions of Satan always mix truth with lies; BECAUSE THEY MUST! NASA tells you plainly today that they're trying to find a way to safely pass through the Van Allen Radiation Belt. HOWEVER, did you realize that they were able to do it every time they went to the moon decades ago? HINT: they've never been to space because we live in a closed system created by, by none other than, Our Heavenly Father; YAHUAH, Our ELOHIM, Our true ABBA.

    HOMEWORK: Watch a Flat Earth Video or two on YOUTUBE

    RH Negatives have been subjected to genocidal weaponry (RhoGam), driven to suicide (via OGS complete earth life sabotage), and murdered by government agents in order to keep the masses (more than 85% of the world population), who can still be set free, from learning and living by TRUTH.

    Q Then how is it that all Royal Families, US presidents and world leaders are considered “Blue Bloods” and are ALL RH Negative?

    A. If they really are actually RH Negatives, and it’s not just a decades long lie / “disinformation campaign” (to make RH Positives have disdain, or hatred, for RH Negatives), who would Satan prefer to tempt, bribe, and corrupt (with fame and fortune) than anyone else?


    Anyone who tells you otherwise is working for someone else entirely.

    Hope this helps.

    1. "They, the “human” minions of Satan always mix truth with lies; BECAUSE THEY MUST! " So true, and that's exactly what you are doing here. Flat earth = Satanic Psyop to distract and divide the Truthers to argue about the shape of the planet while the Satanists rape, murder and EAT our children............Every one who believes the earth is flat, remember the history of Galileo. Who was it that wanted Galileo dead because he taught that the earth WASN'T flat? Who was it that therefore pushed this (flat earth) agenda upon the whole world back in the middle ages? Oh, right...the (UN) HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE. Funny how we have satellites that CIRCUMnavigate the earth through our GLOBAL day and night cycles. How come you can travel in a C I R C L E AROUND all continents if it's not a globe? You can travel from the Americas to Asia or Africa, to Europe, and back to America all without flying over one of the poles. If the earth was flat that would be impossible.
      Look up "50 reasons the earth is not flat." You might be surprised that your modern day flat earth theories (not the ones from the 1400s) come from a group of freemasons (aka satanists in masks) who wanted to discredit Christians. The video will be the first one you see on YouTube. Take it into consideration because they use god given mathematical skills, measurement, and outright LOGICAL PRROF that the earth is indeed a sphere. (I know logic is not the flat earthers' strong point). I've watched so many flat earth testimonies and none have shown ANY REAL PROOF, just parroting the same old nonsense over and over while making unfounded accusations against spherical logic. Please people, educate yourselves, you have the tools right in front of your faces. Not everything is a conspiracy. Satan has to have a certain amount of truth mixed in with his lies in order to not be too obvious to everyone. He already tried the "flat earth" propaganda back in the middle ages. He must be getting desparate at all the people waking up to the Truth so he's having to rehash some of his old material.
      I'll be glad when the Khazars (faux "jews" who think they are "elite") get bored with "flat earth" and come up with another lie to mislead, distract and disrupt the goyim from other FAR MORE important subjects. Flat earth is rehashed from 500 years ago. Galileo disproved this Phariseeical nonsense long ago. Can't you Token Trolls come up with anything better these days? One thing I can say is you flat earth trolls are consistent! Every video/website that discusses any kind of deep truth/forbidden knowledge the Khazars (aka fake jews) don't want us to have, you get at least one token flat earther troll acting like a "bastion of truth" while interjecting into the midst of a totally different subject discussion, dutifully regurgitating the asinine cud they've been programmed to chew by either being paid to lie or just being plain old buck-tooth stupid. Flat earthers remind me of Patrick on Spongebob..that's the type of mentality it would take to swallow such malarky.

    2. I appreciate your stance and opinion on that subject but I don't believe I am discussing flat earth in this blog post.

    3. there is no ConvidJune 3, 2021 at 1:54 AM

      haha.. yes indeed, Use logic..and 200 proofs the earth is not a spinning globe(eric dubay)..ball =cult of baall..the shape of the earth is related to this subject as Aliens..AKA Demons are not in space but underground, under the oceans..and beyond antarctica..Vrill society..breakaway civilisation.

  18. Wow free spirit I can't help but notice how much energy you put into your argument that really had nothing to do with the real topic. But isn't that what you get paid for by the ptb, to distract from the real issues which are clearly spoken about here as rh neg gang stalking. You couldn't be more obvious perhaps you thought intuitive empaths wouldn't notice?

  19. I was born to 2 rh positive parents, but I myself am O negative. I always had a strange feeling that I was rh neg, and I found out for sure by taking two tests at home using an eldon card. I have normal blue eyes, brown hair and freckles. I have always asked the big questions, such as 'What happens when we die?' since I was about 4 years young. There are a lot of psychics in the family, including myself, who are able to involuntarily predict deaths and births to those close to us. I love crystals and reiki healing, as well as classical music and meditation. I know that everyday is an opportunity to face my 'fears' head on, and overcome them. But to also not let fear become my enemy. I think Christ was right when he said love your enemies. I dont ascribe to any particular religion. I'm also slowly fading from my body. I am quite still, calm and steady. Dry and pale, tired eyes , done with life. But still enjoying it. I love you all. And please do not fear.

  20. I had the same thought.
    Let me know if u figure out a connection with some facts if they get back to you. Its bugged me for a couple years.
    Missing kids even. Eye see it all the time.

  21. The Sasquatch People are most certainly NOT kidnapping human children. They are hunted down by humans, some based on fear and ignorance, some for experimentation and research. Unless you have irrefutable evidence that Sasquatch take human children I'd ask you NOT to spread such unfounded rumors. They already have enough trouble caused by humans to deal with. Also, Sasquatch have NOTHING to do with the Nephilim. Geeez ... where do people come up with such nonsense? Nephilim, according to the surviving descriptions we have of them, refer most likely to a race of Giants endowed with both human and reptile blood. In other words, if genetic games were plaid, this is the most likely scenario. Sasquatch could be related to the Neanderthal and even be their last direct descendants, some believe. Please, leave thee Sasquatch People alone. Thank you.

  22. I am neg...I'm gangstalked by 100s of ppl they are in every town i and up in..nuff said

  23. Earth bound spirits were seeded to human vessels naturally from beyond through spirits projections into wombs.. others came here voluntarily either to enlightened the masses or to oppress them. Most in the world have become victimized by the one group and awakened by others.. those that come here voluntarily, good or nefarious, can either remain in ethereal form or incarnate.. some are have chose to do this.. and are not too earth bound.. their memory has been forgotten but there ethereal essenes are trying to recall through the density of this flesh vessel. The frustration causes mental, psychotic issues.. avoid the things that are "earth based", to escape earth bound abyss .. and you shall rise.. a man spoke to me a few years ago, I never saw him before that occasion. He said many things to me in validation of "my thoughts".. he told me he came for me to that location ", at a rock-mineral exhibit".. It was in a town 4 hours away.. I was not in my hometown.. HE SAID HE WAS AN ARCHANGEL.. it was very surreal.. he spoke of otherworldly orders... Initiations.. this place here, this existence is a program from beyond and a harvest point.. by the good and nefarious. I will say rh neg is not from here... There are many neighboring planetary systems. There are access points located here to those places in the cosmic systems. Archangels are many.... And will be many more...

    1. Wow. Im ab- . I remember 100% choosing my mom before birth (womb) and being at a higher elevation almost like another plane, remember god being right beside me, and jumping down a clearish tube or plastic like tunnel into her womb. She started telling ppl at 6mo she had met me and id have blonde hair and blue eyes and my name would be Alice. I told her as early as 2yrs old about my choice in her. She was o- we could communicate thousands of miles apart telepathically (spooky action at a distance) I could feel and understand her without words. I am Irish, welsh, native American and swiss/German and all the first born boys on dads side are hemophiliacs which indicates Spanish royalty maybe Basque. I have strawberry blonde hair and grey green blue hazel eyes. Been gangstalked for 5 yrs, kidnapped, poisoned, stalked, hacked, slandered, set up and gassed, still here baby. It takes a team. Mind=blown at all this stuff omg. I think theyre hitching rides with us to the astral btw. The ones who cant go themselves, I dont like going but do frequently. Need to team up guys. Divide and conquer and silence isnt saving anyone. Can you imagine. They can. Trying to develop some kind of personal VPN with quantum entanglement but stuck. Remember, if they didnt fear us, we would be hypnotized like the hive mind rest of the world. We can connect, you know, where they cant get us. Nit aure of all the know how but my intuition says its paramount to our survival and everyone else's, that we join together and gtfo just saying. I feel my soul tribe and ive been searching my whole life for y'all 🖖💓💓💓

  24. Stop working against your truest purest natures... Your better higher selves

  25. Stargates, yes. So much. The documentary 'The Knowledge of the forever time, the knowledge of the 8'. The episodes leading up to are also pretty thought provoking. It was on prime video and youtube also I'm sure. Just a q? Anyone have morgellons? Some ppl claim this is connected with sasquatch, not totally sure but ive had it going on 3 yrs now

  26. Last thing (I'm sooooo ADHD, sorry) make a rose cross wheel and trace some archangel seals/sigil on everything you can. Hamsa hand and blue eye charm for the evil eye and I say repeatedly, at the count of 3 all that can hear me I dedicate to the divine light in jesus christs name, you are now of goodness and the Lord. When I'm outnumbered and attacked. I also sing we are the world and listen to bob Marley when I feel like I'm in low vibrational situations alone. Solfeggio tones, isochronic tones, binural beats, white noise, frequencies save lives, heal the sick, soothe the sore and will protect you. Its all ive had, and it helped immeasurably. Here come the flies....ugh time for consecration lol. Sorry I just never know when I'll be able to access any of this again so I let it all out.


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