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Exploration of the fringe and all the subjects that lie therein. Personal explorations and first hand accounts. A vehicle for the prose of subconscious creative flow. Who knows the dark currents that wind through our waking life or the bright guiding moonlight in dreams? Hard reality becomes littered with the bizarre and impossible, intertwining with the normal everyday hum of life into a carnival of the esoteric and fortean phenomena most only read about.

Will you find the truth you seek? Or maybe a chance to escape?

Matt Schmitz was born and raised in Wisconsin. It's also where he currently resides with his wife, son, and three dogs. He has varied interests in topics which include psychedelics, the occult, the paranormal, alternative and hidden history, conspiracy theories, and the UFO phenomena. Throughout his life he has been influenced by these factors in his writing, his visual art, and his music hobbies. Among his current endeavors, Matt publishes a blog called Altrusian Grace which deals with much of the same subject matter including chemtrails, mind control, and healthy eating. He also plays guitar and performs vocal duties in an underground heavy rock band called Sleestak, which has released numerous albums that focus on the themes of science fiction, entheogens, and b-movies of the 1970's. Most recently, Matt has entered into the realm of digitally publishing his literary works and is also considering offers for doing voice over work.
Will you find the truth you seek? Or maybe a chance to escape?

All hand-drawn artwork, logos, writings, etc. are Copyright©2015. Please do not reproduce without permission.


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