The Donum Dei - 15th century Alchemical text - full narration with music

My role as GOD BUTCHER

Often, when working on integrating the shadow in one's personal self work, it becomes important to grant the darkness within a space to be heard and acknowledged. Sometimes that's all it wants or needs - to have a voice. My hats off to the Russian Comic Book Geek for inviting me and allowing me the opportunity to give my own darkness a voice as GORR THE GOD BUTCHER!

05. Matt Schmitz | The Mystical Adventure

What is the role of our human incarnation? What is the truth of our Self? What are some obstacles along the path of self discovery? How can we become more of who we are?

I love talking to Matt Schmitz! He embodies such an openness to where he is on his path that is inspiring. He's an eclectic human being who explores his creativity through music, mystical audiobook readings & his own writing. One thing is clear to me, Matt is an explorer of the outer edges of thought and experience.

He joins us today to muse about so much: from magic to UFOs & non-human entities, from non-duality to the multiplicity in the expression of consciousness, from Gnosticism to Alchemy, from God to Self, we leave no stone unturned! Put on your philosopher's cap and jump in the train as we depart to the realms of the mystical!

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This is episode 05 of Mystic Times, stay tuned for more!

Hortulanus Commentary on the Emerald Tablet - narration with music

Hortulanus Commentary on the Emerald Tablet - narration with music. Ortolanus (fl. 1300), also known as Hortulanus, was a medieval alchemist. Little information exists about his life and identity. He is best known for his influential commentary on The Emerald Tablet entitled Liber super textum Hermetis. Download the audio at

#emeraldtablet #alchemy #hermeticism


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Sleestak - Aeon (full album) - Gnostic themed progressive doom

Altrusian Grace Media Presents: Sleestak - Aeon (full album) New for 2020 - Gnostic themed progressive doom metal. Releases worldwide on July 7th, 2020. Available at and also on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Panadora, Amazon, and more.

Recorded intermittently during 2019-2020 at House Of The Rising Sun Studio, Hartford, WI. All songs written by Sleestak except "STCFTHOTS" written by Pink Floyd.

Cover art by Siddhartha Saravia.

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