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Hillary Clinton Gets Blasted With Directed Energy Weapons


Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste OR How We Learned To Love Smart Cars

Photo: AFP Just a few days ago we had the alleged terror attack in Nice, France by someone who drove a truck into a crowd of people celebrating Bastille Day. This event supposedly rendered over 80 people dead and over twice as many injured. Following this event I dug up a news story from the New York Daily News on July 15 that interviewed Brian Michael Jenkins who is an advisor and security expert for the Rand Corporation. Read the article HERE . What had caught my attention were the last statements of the article: “If you ask me how can we prevent anyone from using a vehicle as a weapon against a group of people, the answer is we’re going to have to shut down all vehicular traffic,” Jenkins said. “That’s it. There are no easy solutions here.” Now this might seem that it was a somewhat facetious proposal, that is until you realize that the government funded think-tank Rand Corp has propagated research into autonomous vehicular deployment. (See these important documents,

Organized Stalking Documented in Wisconsin