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Chemtrail Gallery

I've just added a new page for people to check out the numerous chemtrail photos I've taken in Wisconsin. I'll be adding more as they happen in order to try and document this phenomena. Activity seems to have picked up in the last couple months and we need more people to become aware of this problem. Whether you think chemtrails are part of a population control agenda or merely a preservation and conservation issue with our beautiful skies - the fact remains that this needs to be addressed by our representatives in government and those involved in mainstream media. I have more to say on this subject but for now I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. Click the Chemtrail Gallery page to the left or click HERE .

Chemtrails will be the death of us

Greeted by chemicals I woke up at around 8:30 this morning, fed my three dogs, and took them out back to do their business. First thing I see is a big fat chemtrail. I can't even have one moment to enjoy the beautiful early autumn Wisconsin weather without these bastards trying to kill us with aluminum dioxide and who knows what else. I took a moment to look around the rest of the sky and GODDAMN they were busy. These were not "jets" or "airplanes". These were drones . There was no roaring sound typical of jets, in fact they were completely silent. In the ten minutes I was outside I counted at least six of these aircraft.  One little... Two little... Three little UAVs... In the photos above, the drones are flying next to and through the massive chemtrails left by the previous perpetrators. In the top pic you can get an idea of the scale that these chemical clouds disperse into. Given a half hour or so, the chemtrails become indistinguisha

Washington D.C. Trip

I recently traveled to Washington DC with my family to visit some friends for an end-of-summer mini vacation. While I couldn't explore the fringe here as much as I would have liked, I definitely scratched that itch. This was my second trip here within three years, although this time our visit to see the White House was impeded by barricades. Strangely enough, when we approached from the backside, a guard opened the barricade and let us through. We were the only people that got to walk along the sidewalk while everyone else was across the street. After we took a few photos, the guard came running and told us he just got the call to get us out of there. Away we went to see some more monuments and spent the rest of the day doing some general sightseeing. An old well I almost fell into. Stone foundation frame of some ancient building. I did some research online about the Mount Vernon area where we were staying and dug up the story of the Mt. Vernon Monster.

Support Grimerica in September

For the month of September all paid digital downloads of my band Sleestak will directly benefit the Grimerica Show. Grimerica is one of my favorite podcasts and they recently let me start publishing my blog posts over on their website so I'd like to help them out a little more.  Here's how it works:  1. Go to 2. Hang out and dig some tunes.  3. If you like any of the music, click Buy Now under the digital album option.  4. You can enter any amount from $0.00 to one million dollars!   5. Your PayPal donation goes directly to Grimerica and you'll get an email to download the whole album in the format of your choice! You can also add several albums for one price if you'd like.  And now you'll have some great (hopefully!) tunes for the soundtrack of your next psychedelic excursion.