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Waking Up Part 2

We are born. We grow, as children, aligning with the patterns and frequencies of systems created before our birth. They become ingrained within us and manifest themselves as second nature. From the seemingly most mundane systems, such as the intervals of stop lights at an intersection or the single-file, linear processing of items at the check-out lane in a grocery store, all the way up the fractal ladder to the complex give and take of buying and selling in the world's economic market or the intricate web of scheduled airline flights. Without prejudice, we have adopted all these things and in turn are granted the notion of pseudo-freedom: the ability to freely make choices within a set parameter, within the boundaries of accepted rules. The game is set up in a way that one is forced to follow. One has no choice in this. Even within the mind, we have been conditioned and confined through psychological warfare tactics such as advertisements and commercials, the subtle cues of cult

Altrusian Grace 2.0 is now on Grimerica!

Thank you Graham and Darren for the opportunity to publish my posts over at ! I’m totally honored to be part of the blog family there. Grimerica has long been at the top of my podcast list because of their laid back interview style and the topics they cover. I highly recommend you take a listen, subscribe to their mailing list, and help them out if you can by donating to the show. Also, for every Altrusian Grace tshirt that is ordered I will donate $2 from that sale to Grimerica.


I really hope you like the blog so far! If so please consider pre-ordering an Altrusian Grace tshirt to help me out a bit! It was designed by me with some of my original artwork. You can order one through Paypal on the STORE page! Thank you for visiting!

Salvia Divinorum

DISCLAIMER: Each individual human being has a body, mind, soul, and consciousness. These are the sovereign properties of the individual and thus we have the inherent right to choose the paths, substances, practices, beliefs, etc. we deem fit in order for us to either better ourselves as human beings, learn about our personal identity, or learn about the world in which we exist. The information provided in the following article is only to convey my own personal experience, the path I chose to walk, and how it relates only to myself. It is up to the individual to make their own responsible and informed decisions and I hold no claim to the actions or outcomes of anyone else's modus operandi. Learn about Salvia Divinorum at Summer, 2003. I began my affair with salvia in early summer, researching online, discovering it was legal, and trying to decide from where to purchase it from. The majority of info I came across compared it to is now live

I am pleased to announce that is now live! Use it to get to your new favorite blog... I also wanted to let everyone know that coming within the next week I am hoping to have two more extensive new blog posts. One will be about salvia divinorum and I'll also have another post about what it means to be AWAKE. 

More Drones....

Yes, for sure my wife and son both saw two plane-style drones today flying at about bird flight elevation. Wtf? (Edit: the second drone, I found out, was more teardrop shaped and the wires and mechanics of it were visible to an extent. )


After work and sitting on the porch, my wife tells me she thinks she saw a drone earlier this afternoon traveling northeast. Just then I spot what looks like a white jet flying east however, no contrails. It disappeared into a cloud. I waited and it never came out the other side. Within five minutes, to my surprise another approached from the south going north. It looked to be at the same altitude and had the same appearance. Again, no contrails and it made its way into a puff of clouds.  According to its trajectory, I should have seen it come out the other side. It did not. It was almost as if it entered the cloud and then remained within. Both of these looked and acted the same as the one my wife saw. I'm no expert on drones but I know a jet when I see one and I know the normal contrails that are supposed to follow. No contrails from any of these whatsoever but I don't know if those bigger UAVs emit them at all. Maybe someone can fill me in. I look at the sky much more than t

The AG audio blog

I wanted to mention here quick that I'm also doing an audio blog as a companion to the written one. Some articles won't cross over so you might not hear something you read and vice versa.  Please check it out at . It's free to stream and download. I know I'm just starting out here, but if you like it so far and want to help keep me going at it, please consider supporting Altrusian Grace either through the audio blog or visit the SHOP page and pre-order an AG tshirt designed by yours truly.  Thanks everyone!