Illuminated Void featured in Masterpieces 2023

 FOR FANS OF METAL! Super stoked to announce that my band Illuminated Void will be featured in Masterpieces 2023! I believe there is also an interview with each artist featured in addition to showcasing album art. Here is the info from the Heavy Music Artwork website (link at the bottom):

"We curated an exceptional collection of album artwork that showcased the pinnacle of artistic design in the scene. This compilation comprised over 100 releases spanning the vast spectrum of metal genres, each adorned with visually stunning and evocative cover art, providing a unique and personal perspective on the artistic vision behind their music.

The album artwork presented in this collection was not merely a visual accompaniment to the music but rather a vital component that enhanced the overall experience. It is a celebration of artistry in its purest form, an embodiment of the very essence of metal music, raw, powerful, and unapologetically fierce, pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation. Each cover is a testament to the commitment and passion of the artists and musicians who brought these albums to life.

Special feature artists:

AAWKS, Ahab, Alkaloid, Angelus Apatrida, Angra, Augurium, Autopsy, Berzerker Legion, Beyond God, Blackscape, Brujeria, Carnation, Cattle Decapitation, Chorosia, Cobra Spell, Coffin Mulch, Columbarium, Cryptic Shift, Cyhra, Deadly Carnage, Drakon, Ego Planet, Elm Street, Eternal Evil, Expunged, Foetal Juice, Gloryhammer, Godiva, Henget, Ignea, Illuminated Void, Immortal, Iotunn, Kataklysm, Knife, Left Cross, Logical Terror, Luna In Sanguinem, Lyrizone, Mental Cruelty, Nasty, NecroticGoreBeast, Nevborn, Night Demon, Nixil, Nytt Land, Profane Elegy, Prong, Raider, Rannoch, Rat King, Roadwolf, Sadistic Force, Salacious Gods, Serenity, Shepherds Reign, Siege of Power, Skálmöld, Solomonar, Sorcerer, Spirit Adrift, Stone Of Duna, Tabahi, Tanith, Temple of Dread, Thanatomass, The Bleeding, The Convalescence, Thy Art Is Murder, Till the Dirt, Valdrin, Weight Of Emptiness, Woe unto Me and more to be announced."

Cover art by Stefano Mattioni for 

Logical Terror, 

Sides of the Unknown

Book specifications:

A4 210x290mm (8.26 x 11.4 inch)

Hardback cover

Collected in one deluxe volume

Printed on silk 150gm paper

150+ Pages (TBC)

**250 Limited edition**



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