More Rh Negative (Rh-) thoughts

The Rh negative factor in human blood is a topic that has gone widely underestimated. I know there are multitudes of people interested in the subject but it baffles me as to why Rh negative flies under the radar in relation to fringe conversation. To me this is one of the elephants in the room. While I am one those who has "monkey blood", my wife however is a shining example of those who have been either blessed or cursed with this blood anomaly. She remains my direct source of information about Rh negative, seeing how her attributes coincide with others of this group and in fact seems to be of an even more rare faction. Some things of prominence that I think are direct links include being left handed, brown/hazel eye color, and most significantly her empathic and sensitive psychic abilities. In public situations she can be overwhelmed and bombarded by the negative energies and emotions of those around her, often feeling debilitated, drained, and even assaulted. Many times it is indicative of a cross section of society as a whole - selfishness, greed, self loathing, and the subversive socially engineered phenomenon of psychic vampirism. This last example of psychic vampires is a decades old label for people who tend to latch onto and feed off of someone's emotional wellspring in order to supplement their own lack of positive energy. They carry within a black sucking void of human compassion, love, and kindness, always seeking to drain these of those around them in order to feel whole. For the Rh negatives, the psychic vampires can quite literally be embodiments of darkness and it is necessary that these social leeches be avoided at all times and removed from the encroachment upon daily life. These are some of the more tangible challenges that Rh negative people face. In addition, it is widely known or speculated on the association between "paranormal" occurrences and those of the Rh- blood type. While there is no case whatsoever for exclusivity in this realm, there does seem to be a sort preferential leaning towards Rh negatives by whatever force or intelligence lies behind these things. I don't have hard numbers or statistics to back this up, just what I've read or seen in videos, and even the promotion of this theme in movies and television. I think those with this blood type experience a higher volume of phenomena like UFO sightings and abductions, poltergeist and ghost activity, synchronicities, and even Bigfoot or Sasquatch interactions. Sometime ago I wrote a blog post about my theory that there was an Rh- link to the Missing 411 cases. This still has never been officially looked into or inquiries answered and I think that it was seen at best irrelevant to the mystery, at worst it was the conspiratorial ravings of a woo woo lunatic. I was happy to receive support for this theory by others who are interested and fascinated by the strangeness of this continuing mystery but unfortunately I'm not sure we'll ever get any answers. It's too bad as this, as I said before, is one of the few claims that could be verified if true. We could have potential hard evidence for the anomalous nature of Rh negative in connection with fringe subject matter. If we can further gather more proof of a connection to Sasquatch from the Bigfoot researchers, this would also go a long way in fitting this piece of the puzzle into its proper spot. We need to adopt a bigger picture viewpoint of the unknown world around us and get comfortable with the fact that there is no one single explanation for it. It is not neat and tidy, nuts and bolts perspectives. It is not purely materialistic or explained by physical science. It dwells somewhere in the twilight of the middle ground - an extreme position in its own right. 

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