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Is Sasquatch a "Missing Link"?

Over the years, many people have speculated about Sasquatch as some kind of missing link in the evolutionary history of human beings. Certainly at first glance this may seem quite plausible considering what most of us were taught in school growing up.

However, over the past ten or twenty years there have been many archaeological discoveries, both quite legitimate and quite controversial in their mainstream context. We have learned that Homo sapiens lived alongside numerous other hominid species - even having cross-bred with those such as Neanderthal peoples. The appearance date of what we know as the modern day human is continually being pushed back further and further. And with this, we are not merely talking decades or even centuries. It is now believed in many academic circles that Homo sapiens first appeared more than 300,000 years ago. Take a moment to let that sink in. It's difficult for us to imagine the passing of even 100 years, even as we tend to measure such things by technological advances or historical record. The current paradigm for so many dearly held beliefs is being shattered.

Our history as a species is truly shrouded in mystery even if we follow an evolutionary mindset. Graham Hancock said, "I believe we are a species with amnesia." There has never been a more true statement and it begs the question of whether we are a quarter-million year old creature or if in fact that could be a conservative estimate. As we dig deeper I confidently believe it will be the latter and we will discover that humankind goes back at least several million years.

This train of thought can lead to the speculation of several origin concepts such as creationism (or the idea God created everything) or even the genetic intervention of ancient aliens. Chances are slim to none that we will ever know for sure but the facts emerging from those excavations taking place around the world make our family tree a much more convoluted affair. It seems to me that in relation to the phenomenon of Bigfoot, they may very well be a fading bipedal cousin of ours who once walked alongside the many hominid variations that existed in the fossil record.

Art by Alexa Evans

The Sasquatch may be a more robust and adaptable animal such as human beings are, scattered globally and able to survive in small groups through climate changes and large scale catastrophes. Their numbers, however, having dwindled slowly since the last ice age and possibly separated from the knowledge and progress of humans, have retreated into the remote areas where we so rarely tread. This in turn would have made them a shy and fearful creature, yet highly intelligent and cunning. Forced into the environments unscathed by the great floods or meteor strikes, they might have even been more "civilized" in the ancient past and regressed by necessity into primitive hunter/gatherer types. 

Whatever and however things have progressed, the most likely argument against Sasquatch being any kind of missing link will be the evidence stated earlier about different hominids coexisting. Somewhere in the mists of time, the Bigfoot branch of our family tree split off into its own, just as Neanderthal, Cro-magnon, etc. and that none of these species are evolutionary stepping stones. 

Inner Temple Series - Part One - Introduction and Construction

I was formally introduced to the concept of the inner temple a few years ago during a special chakra-focused yoga class. It was an amazing and formative experience, coupled with a total body consciousness meditation session. Prior to this, I had been doing a similar thing since I was young: creating a familiar entrance into sleep and the dream world. A bit different than what I specifically present here, it was more of a wilderness, although your inner temple may be similar. THERE ARE NO RULES. I am here only to guide in this series of meditations and vision quests. The next episode will train you how to revisit your temple - Stay Tuned!

Altrusian Grace Media / Guided Meditations

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Altrusian Grace Media presents guided meditations to help you deprogram from the matrix of everyday Reality. Achieve peace, well-being, learn to center yourself and shut off your internal dialogue. Free your mind, Free your soul. Synchronicity is all around. Awaken to a new existence as we bring you unique content.


I am not an "expert" but have had many years of exploring consciousness in various forms. It is a deep interest of mine, being able to combine writing, voice work, and my passion for altered states and mysticism. I am now striving to build this channel into a tangible resource and create tools to help with metaphysical exploration - for my own growth and others as well.

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'The Matrix' is being remade and rebooted...WHY?

Everyone knows and loves 'The Matrix' movies. From the gnostic message of awakening to the archetypal soaked story arc to the multi-tiered occult symbolism tucked into every nook and cranny, these movies have been and remain the most significant pop culture metaphor for the reality we inhabit without luring us to get trapped within it. Quoted, memed and sampled to death, 'The Matrix' iconography was easily latched onto by the conspiracy and alternative-type communities. It is still the easiest way, in my opinion, to introduce the sleeping uninitiated masses to truths that many of us now even take for granted. What better way to kickstart a few hairline fractures in someone's paradigm than Hollywood's unintentional weapon of truth? It is this fact alone that I believe is the reason for the reboot of this movie franchise. 

I don't think it was ever intended to define a cultural shift or to bring marketing and branding to the Logos, or if it was, the Wachowskis got one by those greedy child molesting studio executives. And now they're fed up with the damage these movies have caused. Sure, this is going to take in hundreds of millions of dollars at the box office and be a viral social media blitz on our simple consumer mind frames, but really this is about damage control. And like any elite mechanism designed to manipulate, it takes carefully choreographed events into consideration, with agendas often unfolding over decades. This one is only taking less than 20 years. 

With the remaking of 'The Matrix', one can expect a shallow and corporatized rendering. Not that the original wasn't a giant corporate money machine, but we can be sure of the slickness this time around. I guarantee this new version will be pushing extreme leftist liberal messages, such as is the Hollywood ecosystem. We will see a more politically correct, all inclusive Matrix with the proper social and ethnic representatives, while behind the scenes the studio will continue to exploit them. Warner Bros. is a well oiled machine and will not again make the mistake of allowing existential truths to invade and disrupt their mind controlling spellcraft. The movie will be reduced to a tirade of anti-Trump administration social justice, an echo chamber of reassurance and reinforcement for the billionaire funded BLM and ANTIFA baby temper tantrums. Be it known that I do not support or trust any incarnation of our systems or institutions, just that there are some things painfully obvious. There's also the transhuman agenda which I think will be shown somehow in the main characters either by implants or some kind of cyber genetic enhancements (separate from the neck plug). We will also see an over abundance of fake "illuminati" motifs, along with the ever present push for a global religion and global governance. It may very well be that the true hero in relation to this will appear to those in the "know" as Agent Smith and not Neo, but that might be a philosophical discussion as yet to manifest without the actual movie even close to being done. Just a hunch, though this has already been speculated in the original trilogy. All in all, expect the social programming to be just as top notch as the cgi and special effects. Hollywood will use this to push the elitist narrative in every way possible. 

The Matrix will no longer symbolize the unseen prison of our minds, allowing us to recognize and disrupt its influence, giving us a chance to break free from it. The remake will be used as a tool to lure us back in, to lull us back to sleep. It will make us homesick for the comfort and "protection" we used to know in the womb. 

As evident across college campuses everywhere, and maybe as it has always tempted us in a way, the new Matrix will become the new safe space. Instead of subliminally informing us and nudging us to break out, many will flock to its promise of inclusivity and assimilation. 

Psychedelic Coloring Page #1

In an effort to bring more varied content to my blog, I've decided to publish one of my coloring page designs. It's a style I developed over 20 years ago while on my first LSD experience and it led me to become more free-flowing less restrictive in drawing. These designs are suitable for printing and intended for an eventual full coloring book that I am working on but thought it would be cool to share. It would be incredible to see what you guys do with it so come back and share your coloring skills! While I have no problems with anyone downloading, using, or sharing this on any platform, I would greatly appreciate if you can make sure to credit me and link back to ALTRUSIANGRACE.COM. Cheers!

Welcome To Vault 7

After a number of mysterious teasers, WikiLeaks has finally revealed what Vault 7 is. It is over 8,000 pages related to CIA hacking, spying, and cyber warfare. And it's tasty. And this is only Part 1!

To be sure, this release will overshadow even what Edward Snowden brought to our attention. You really might want to think twice about your devices now. Link is below:

The Mist

Several times throughout my life I've been a witness to a phenomenon that I refer to as "the mist". It has happened at different times of the day and night, at all different locations and even though seeing the mist is a rare event, this thing that manifests has made an impression upon me.

The first time I can remember the mist was in elementary school. I was in first grade, probably around six years old. I recall being focused on whatever activity we were doing in class when I had looked up from my work and noticed that the whole classroom was permeated with a smoky haze. It hung in the air thick enough to turn to a friend and ask if there was a fire. He said, "No. Why would you think that?"
"Because of all the smoke. It's all over.", I replied. 
"I don't see any smoke."
This confused me greatly and I rubbed my eyes because maybe I had gotten some debris in them or was tired. I looked around again and it was still there. As I peered around the room and the ceiling, the mist slowly dissipated within a minute or so. I actually saw it fade. I resumed my work and forgot it ever happened until many years later. 

The second time that I can remember it happening, I must have been in my late teens or early 20's. It really was about as uneventful as you could imagine. This time I was in a kitchen and walked into the living room to notice the haze once again. There was nothing cooking and no other reason as to why there should be any smoke. It was motionless, with no odor, and colored an opaque pale grey. I thought maybe my eyes were blurry so I rubbed them and yet the fog remained. My surroundings were in focus and nothing was obscured as this mist was overlayed upon the room's environment. I turned and looked back but the kitchen was normal and turned back again to the living room. As I looked around at the mist now fading away bit by bit, the memory of first grade popped up in my mind as only a hint. It was actually more of a brief notion than an actual memory. For a second, I thought it was weird but resumed whatever I was doing at the time and totally forgetting about it. 

The mist appeared a couple more times in the following years, each occurrence being dismissed and forgotten right after it happened. It wasn't until about two years ago, when I had another encounter with this hazy apparition, that I fully remembered what happened back in first grade. The mist always appears when I least expect it. Except for my initial experience, it seems to be occupying only a single room, and usually when I was walking into whatever room that was. This last time, however, I was much more in tune with strange phenomenon and was able to observe it, having recognized it and remembering the previous instances in that moment. I was walking from the dining room into the living room, looked up and it was there. This time I noticed an almost indistinguishable green or violet tint to the haze and looked all around at it, being fully aware. It was like all the other times: hanging motionless and didn't move as I walked into it, odorless, and very opaque or transparent as it didn't obstruct my vision of the surroundings. But I could see it three dimensionally sitting still in the air. As I made my observations it once again faded over the course of about 45 seconds but this time not only triggered my original memory but also deposited an impression within me that this was somehow tied to the presence of someone who had passed away. More specifically it made me think of my father, although he passed in 1999, long after I already experienced the mist in grade school. I hesitate in calling it a ghost or a spirit as I tend to associate those terms with something that has form when this did not. Maybe it was something akin to ectoplasm, or ectoplasmic residue. There were never any strange feelings, positive or negative, never any missing time, or other paranormal events surrounding the times I saw the mist. Regardless, I now consider it a mellow yet fascinating experience, albeit one that I believe will never have an explanation. 

A Drawing Of Sasquatch

It took me awhile using my quantum telepathy skills and some promises of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, but I finally got the big guy to sit still for a drawing. I'm still wondering how this did not come out blurry...

This is my one and only drawing of Sasquatch which I did several months ago. Seeing as I'm on a cryptid kick, which one should I attempt to draw next?

The Cryptid That Got Away

Back in the late spring/early summer of 1986, before the influx of digital distractions permeated the minds of the youth, there was the grand notion for children to go outside and play. For me it was no different. I was around 11 or 12 years old and my family lived on a spacious acre and a half in what was then a somewhat rural Mequon, Wisconsin. My friend Joe lived next door and he, my younger brother Mike, and I would quite often explore the woods and fields behind our property. Part of the allure was a dirt bike trail that ran parallel to some railroad tracks, and about a quarter mile south of my house the trail led to a pair of small bridges - one for the trail and one for the train. A creek that flowed beneath them (and still does to this day) offered abundant entertainment for adolescent boys such as us. Countless hours were spent here catching minnows and crayfish, throwing rocks, and running through the surrounding corn fields.

Google Earth image showing the bridges and distance.
It was here at these bridges that I had my one and only encounter with a cryptid-type creature.
 I can't remember the time of day exactly but if I had to guess it was mid-afternoon, the sky being partly cloudy or a bit overcast. The bridges were separated by a steep dip, down upon which we often rode our bikes like daredevils on a half-pipe. Joe and I were on the railroad bridge scanning the creek below, probably chucking stones at the poor fish who happened to swim within striking distance. My brother was on the south end of the other bridge hanging out. We were preoccupied with these very important activities when Mike gave a yelled whisper, "You guys! Get over here real quick! You gotta see this! There's something on the path!" We turned around towards Mike and scoffed at him, expecting him to try and play some lame joke on us. He waved hurriedly for us to run over to him as he stared north up the bike path. The foliage was heavy enough where if one was on the railroad track bridge, one couldn't see up the trail, and thus we begrudgingly ran down the little valley and to the other side.

I would say that we three considered ourselves no amateurs when it came to the local wildlife. Considering the time and energy invested into harassing the mega-fauna as curious boys often do, we became very familiar with deer, rabbits, woodchucks, muskrats, snakes, and numerous other animals including the occasional coyote. This time it was different. It was apparent my brother was not jesting, as I came onto the path and greeted him with a serious "Whoa. What the hell is that?" We stood there in momentary silent observation of the creature who was doing exactly the same thing to us. This thing just sat in the middle of the path staring, watching.
The Creature

Although not quite as menacing as the drawing I did above, if I were to show this picture to either Mike or Joe they would instantly know what it was. The creature sat on its haunches posing much like a cat does when sitting, but appearing in that position to be about three feet tall. It was jet black in color, being covered in sleek fur; the eyes were the same but glistened in the daylight, making it obvious it was watching us. The ears were very rabbit-like, very erect, almost if you could imagine how Bugs Bunny's ears are depicted. From its bottom, there patiently switched back and forth a tail, also very much like a cat. The creature gave the impression of being intelligent, curious, and alert. Pondering its image now reminds me a bit like Frank the demonic rabbit from Donnie Darko. Never in my life had I ever seen anything like this then or since.

Google Earth image of  our perspective/viewpoint.

Being brave (or quite stupid) I told my companions that I was going to try and get closer to it. I walked slowly, one step at a time, and as I did so the animal remained motionless except for its tail. I suppose it was waiting to see how far I would go in closing the gap between us, which I estimated by looking on Google maps to be about 150 feet. After making a nervous 35-40 foot advancement in which I never took my eyes off of it, it turned around with lightning speed and leaped into the brush and woods to the east. At that moment the spell of amazement was disrupted and all of us took off running together to where it had been. In a matter of seconds we were in the same spot the creature had been but there was no sign of it and no sound to be heard. It had seemed to just disappear.

From this moment, we rushed back to the house where my parents were eating an early dinner and proceeded to tell them all about the encounter. As to be expected, we were greeted with laughs and dismissed as having exaggerated what we saw. For the next two weeks we actively searched the surrounding areas of woods in hopes of finding tracks or even another sighting. It was not meant to be.

It was jokingly recommended that we saw a Hodag.

During this period of time, we were one day hanging out by a neighbor's house and were describing our experience when he jokingly said it was probably the Hodag. The Hodag, for those unfamiliar, is a mythical folk monster that is said to reside in the northern reaches of Wisconsin and Minnesota. That's the name we adopted for it for a long time and called it the Hodag any time we referred to that day back by the bridge. When I was 13 years old I happened upon a book about cryptids and monsters that was in my middle school library. In the book was an entry about the Hodag, which showed a supposed photo of the beast and I realized this was not the same creature we saw. The book went on to describe that the Hodag was easily captured by cutting down its favorite tree because it had no joints in its legs, having to sleep while standing up and leaning against something. Thus, when it went to lean against the tree to sleep, it would fall over, unable to stand back up and make it prone to other predators and capture. I felt some disappointment in this revelation, thinking we had some of the answers. We were back to square one in figuring out what we saw and have been ever since. It has been one of my most cherished and vivid memories of my childhood.

Has anyone else seen this thing or something like it? I'd love to hear about it or any ideas of what it may have been.

Recommended Books:

Monsters Among Us: An Exploration of Otherworldly Bigfoots, Wolfmen, Portals, Phantoms, and Odd Phenomena

American Monsters: A History of Monster Lore, Legends, and Sightings in America

Cryptozoology: Cryptid Sightings, Stories, Evidence, Hoaxes, and More. An Armchair Hunter's Basic Guide

Weird Wisconsin: Your Travel Guide to Wisconsin's Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets

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Pets need to eat good food, too! (And a recipe your dogs will love!)

The three stooges.
Over the last few weeks I've read some news stories about the harmful and even fatal contamination of a couple brands of dog food. Most recently PetSmart issued a recall of its canned dog food due to a potential metal choking hazard. Prior to this story, I came across an article about pet food manufacturer Evanger having to recall its products due to contamination by pentobarbital, which is a chemical used in the euthanasia of animals. This instance saw the sad death of at least one dog and illness of several more. I cannot stress enough how important it is that we look out for these members of our family who can't do it themselves. They rely on us for everything from food to shelter to love.

Over a year and a half ago we started a journey towards eating better by steering away from processed, GMO, and junk foods but we also began looking into how our own three dogs could also benefit from these changes. So much of our food has been manipulated for the worse and contributes to the decline of our health and wellbeing. This is true in both "people" food and pet food and goes hand in hand with the for-profit industries of pharmaceutical development and healthcare. These are billion dollar carousels even for animals. I personally know of dogs who are on medications, and this is or was completely preventable by the implementation of a good and proper diet. Remember, medicine is food and food is medicine. There should be no reason why anyone should pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for unnecessary treatments when easy natural solutions are just waiting to be used. 

With all that being said, we had decided that the disgusting mass produced pet food was no longer acceptable for our furry family members and dived into researching how to cook for them. I'll admit there was some experimentation that happened and we had some bowel issues to deal with. Many times this is expected when changing diets and figuring out what our dogs' systems can personally tolerate. However, we've finally leveled out and have achieved an excellent and consistent quality in their nutritional regiment. Your dogs may differ from what ours prefer or can handle but I would like to finally share with you our "family" recipe that we cook weekly. Keep in mind the amounts of ingredients I've listed are for three dogs and feeds them for about five days. 

*12 lbs fresh ground lean turkey(90/10)
*2 cups organic quinoa 
*2 16oz cans of puréed organic pumpkin 
*1 cup raw aloe vera plant gel
*2 lbs organic carrots
*1/2 cup organic apple cider vinegar 

1. Start by adding the ground turkey into a large cooking pot with some water and put it on low-medium heat for 30-40 minutes. Stir occasionally throughout the process to break up the meat as it cooks. 
2. Add quinoa and 4 cups water to a medium saucepan and cook on high until boiling. Cover and reduce heat to a low simmer for 15 minutes. 
3. Chop carrots and put into medium saucepan and fill with enough water to cover all of them. Cover with a lid and cook on low-medium heat for 25-30 minutes. 
4. Take a large aloe stalk, slice off the spiny sides and the yellowish bottom end, and then slice the stalk horizontally. You can then scoop the aloe gel from it quite easily. Put into a small container. 
5. When the turkey is done, pour into a colander to drain the liquid and then add the meat to two large mixing bowls. 
6. Evenly add the quinoa to both mixing bowls and mix well. 
7. Drain carrots in colander. Purée the carrots, aloe gel, and apple cider vinegar. Add a little water if needed to make it blend easier. Evenly add this mixture to each bowl and mix with the turkey. 
8. Lastly add a can of pure pumpkin to each bowl and mix thoroughly. 

A couple things: There's no need to add any seasonings or spices as they can actually be harmful to your pet. Please refrain from doing this! Also, for food safety, it's important to store the food in the refrigerator in uncovered containers for 3 to 4 hours after it's done. After this time you can cover it.

This recipe provides your dogs with tons of healthy protein, vitamins, and other nutrients that are important to their overall health. If your dogs are anything like mine, they will go crazy for this food and lick their bowls clean! You will also have peace of mind in knowing that you are greatly reducing the risk of them consuming something harmful or poisonous. 

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The Healthy Hound Cookbook: Over 125 Easy Recipes for Healthy, Homemade Dog Food--Including Grain-Free, Paleo, and Raw Recipes!

Raw and Natural Nutrition for Dogs, Revised Edition: The Definitive Guide to Homemade Meals

Saturday night's alright for a sighting

This past Saturday night, February 18, my wife and I spotted a glowing red object rapidly ascend into the northeast sky. I watched it thinking it was a plane but it stopped in midair for a few seconds and then reversed direction. It hovered around and repeated similar maneuvers. I ran inside to grab the video camera and the orb was still there, but to my disappointment I could not get it on the viewfinder because it was too dark. Watching this thing made the hairs go up on my neck even though the skeptical side of me was thinking this could be a drone. I tried to signal it with my lighter but did not receive any return communication as it descended beyond the tree line. I tried doing some research into drones that looked like red glowing orbs but nothing really came close. Next time I'll be ready with my night vision viewer in order to get some good footage.

Recommended Books:

Drones: Unmanned Vehicles, UFO's and Government Use

America's Super Secret Aircraft: and The Deadly Drones

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