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More Rh Negative (Rh-) thoughts

The Rh negative factor in human blood is a topic that has gone widely underestimated. I know there are multitudes of people interested in the subject but it baffles me as to why Rh negative flies under the radar in relation to fringe conversation. To me this is one of the elephants in the room. While I am one those who has "monkey blood", my wife however is a shining example of those who have been either blessed or cursed with this blood anomaly. She remains my direct source of information about Rh negative, seeing how her attributes coincide with others of this group and in fact seems to be of an even more rare faction. Some things of prominence that I think are direct links include being left handed, brown/hazel eye color, and most significantly her empathic and sensitive psychic abilities. In public situations she can be overwhelmed and bombarded by the negative energies and emotions of those around her, often feeling debilitated, drained, and even assaulted. Many times it