The King In Yellow wallpaper!

Psyclopean fans rejoice! The King In Yellow desktop wallpaper! You asked for it, here it is....

Please make sure you go check out Steve Somers art at or as he also did the cover for my take on At The Mountains Of Madness.

And of course here is the YouTube link:

An organic sleep solution I just received

Just got my Avocado mattress and love it, want to share this with my AGM friends. Worth it. By using my link below, you can get $150 off a mattress and help support AGM all in the same time! I'm not an official affiliate or anything but just want to stress the importance of having good sleep since I found a great solution. And it's great to listen to my meditations and music on!

 #health #sleeping #zen #organic #avocado #meditation #sleep

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