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What is it with the owls? 

Everything is fake

9/11 is fake. The sky is fake. Clouds are fake. Driveways are fake. Brick walls are fake. Television is fake. News anchors are fake. Podcasts are fake. Radio is fake. Dogs are fake. Alligators are fake. Water is fake. Rain is fake. Climate change is fake. Global warming is fake. Global cooling is fake. Ice is fake. Fire is fake. Wood is fake. Trees are fake. Chemtrails are fake. Airplanes are fake. The military is fake. Presidents are fake. Politics are fake. Chemicals are fake. Bears are fake. Sports are fake. Camping is fake. War is fake. Homelessness is fake. Drugs are fake. Emotions are fake. Telephones are fake. The NSA is fake. Terrorists are fake. Conspiracies are fake. UFOS are fake. Eyes are fake. Black goo is fake. Gang stalking is fake. Driving is fake. Walking is fake. Jumping is fake. Laughing is fake. Crying is fake. Shouting is fake. Bigfoot is fake. Bottles are fake. Food is fake. Cooking is fake. The bible is fake. God is fake. The Koran is fake. Religion is fake. Athe

ALERT!!! US Government Declaring All Out War on Tiny House Living

PLEASE READ. VERY IMPORTANT FOR MYSELF AND MANY OTHERS! Written by Isaac Davis, Staff Waking Times Freedom in the United States today is a moving target, and when the government catches wind of an innovation that makes life easier and more affordable for ordinary people, it always steps in to take control. Take, for example, the growing effort to outlaw offgrid living in the U.S., as well as moves by local governments around the country to criminalize private rainwater collection. Now, the federal government is making a major move against the tiny house movement, seeking to give the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) authority to require tiny houses to conform to the standards of recreational vehicles (RV’s), of which one of the rules is that the vehicles may not be used or marketed for permanent living. HUD is seeking to regulate tiny house living out of existence or to turn it into a regulated industry by requiring that tiny homes be manufactured in factorie