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After work and sitting on the porch, my wife tells me she thinks she saw a drone earlier this afternoon traveling northeast. Just then I spot what looks like a white jet flying east however, no contrails. It disappeared into a cloud. I waited and it never came out the other side. Within five minutes, to my surprise another approached from the south going north. It looked to be at the same altitude and had the same appearance. Again, no contrails and it made its way into a puff of clouds.  According to its trajectory, I should have seen it come out the other side. It did not. It was almost as if it entered the cloud and then remained within. Both of these looked and acted the same as the one my wife saw. I'm no expert on drones but I know a jet when I see one and I know the normal contrails that are supposed to follow. No contrails from any of these whatsoever but I don't know if those bigger UAVs emit them at all. Maybe someone can fill me in. I look at the sky much more than the average person and trust me when I say that I'm familiar with what flies around in my neck of the woods. These things seemed out of place. If they are drones, they were the agricultural or military type for sure but I don't think the agricultural ones fly that high or in those directions. Lake Michigan is that way...


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