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Welcome to the Altrusian Grace Media satsang. Satsang is drawn from the Sanskrit words sat (which is “being,” “essence,” or “reality”) and sanga ( which is “association”).  While satsang is commonly ascribed to sitting with a guru or spiritual leader, one will find neither here and no one will claim to be. In the AGM satsang it is all about introducing ideas through discourse with true people, or merely to be in the company of true people, particularly those who are seekers on a spiritual path. The aim is not to provide answers, but to stoke the fire of inquisitiveness within each true person to find the essence of Truth within themselves. Those who stay, are invited to participate and share their ideas, speculate on possibilities, and enrich their own process of active imagination.


As children, we are raised with the notion of magic. A particular relationship centered around magic is instilled through various sources such as movies and books, and we grow up believing in a certain non-belief. The traditional and historical sources or ideas of "real" magic are conveniently supplanted with the fairy-tale notion of it: That magic is all pointy hats and unicorns and fancy special effects generated in a Hollywood movie studio. This way the population can be exposed to real magic on a continual basis and then readily dismiss the actuality of such a thing existing. Of course, much more goes into the molding of young minds through entertainment and education, but magic is a subject that is handled in a very specific seemingly light-hearted way, easily dismissed by a wave of the wand and a Disney song. The product of such indoctrination are the gatekeepers of  mundane institutional rationalism, slowly rising to power in the late 1700s, and now virtually a standing army equipped with Newtonian physics and materialist dogma at the ready. But those of us, who on late summer evenings as a warm wind plays across the face, are inclined to notice the subtle twinge of energy that courses along our limbs, makes them ache and energized at the same time - we know differently. And we are untouched in our private lives by the aforementioned rabble of stingy naysayers, heeding to that soft and dark feeling that enters our minds like a thief in the blackest night, nodding in our direction as we watch from the shadows, letting us know that he knows we know. That is the pinnacle of the sensation of real magick. Where just one thought can click into place like a key in a lock, and the imagination swings wide its gates onto a flowing river of possibility, just waiting for us to cast our nets or hoist our sails. Of course these waters glow with a dim and brooding murkiness and are not without perils or predators. And one must always take heed of such things lest he be devoured by that dragon lurking still in the depths. Speaking of beasts, All opinions of the man aside, it is Aliester Crowley who I think gave the most precise definition of magic, which is: "the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will". The science, being the methodology employed, and the art, being the active imagination coming to flower through said methodology. These are the tools and tactics used to unlock the liminal spaces through which we pass, thus gaining a glimpse of the ethereal machinery pumping away behind the veil. This is akin to a programmer utilizing a debug mode within a computer game for example. When debug mode is active, the programmer has access to numerous parameters and functions and are of particular interest to video game players as they can be used to cheat, access unused content, or change the game configuration beyond what is normally allowed. This runs parallel with the ideological function of Crowley's definition of magic. It is through magic that we might experiment with how the world interacts with us according to our desires, as opposed to how we interact with the world, which is normally haphazardly, blindly, and chaotically regardless of how structured we might build our lives. When looked at from this perspective, we can confidently take magick off the table as relating to any sort of real spiritual endeavor, not that it doesn't hold any value for the practitioner and his worldly life, but that spiritual pursuits are entwined with the true inner self and the pleroma, or realm of the all-encompassing and endless void, the space wherein resides the All.

Acknowledging this, let us now explore further, quoting Wikipedia, "Compared to the normal user interfaces, debug menus usually are unpolished and not user-friendly, intended only to be used by the software's developers. They are often cryptic and may allow for destructive actions such as erasing data without warning." Incorporating this into a magical context, this gives the impression that the realm behind the veil is primarily accessed by those who have developed or created our world and allows for shifting of not only physical events, but even more so consciousness itself. By metaphorically sliding the knobs up or down, one person (or many for that matter) might experience an "awakening" of sorts, albeit this would imply an artificially expanded consciousness. While this might be seen as advantageous to beings cultivated as organic portals, it has negative implications and muddies the waters for true humans, making it more difficult to wade through the mire and eventually, hopefully, realizing the conceptual simplicity of the end goal of escaping the prison we find ourselves in. This artificial expanded consciousness also opens the flood gates for impostors and charlatans posing as teachers in a profaned offering of spiritual guidance or advice. Having downloaded their marching orders in the form of entity communication, vivid dreams, or otherwise they set upon the gullible as agents of disinformation. They vampirize sacred knowledge and apply it to what I call "conspiragossip" - that is, they engage with the latest Illuminati celebrity death, speak of obscure, intangible and unreachable goals like "ascension" or "raising vibration to reach a 5D density". Many of them also offer dualistic alternatives to existing paradigms - exchanging extraterrestrials for intraterrestrials, indigo children for starseeds, Pleadians for Arcturians, Freemasons for Jesuits, New World Order for the Cabal, and so on and so forth. They offer no value beyond sensationalism and the semantics of unsustainable belief systems. Many of them are able to talk a good game, using esoteric buzzwords and circular contradictory speech. An excellent way to discern some of these attributes is to take one of their monologues and transcribe it into written form and read it instead of listening to it. If it fails on paper, or the actual text gives way to confusion or seems fluffy or unrealistic, then usually one should should take these words out with the trash. There is no actual truth coming from their mouths and it gets the true human nowhere in attaining or furthering their spiritual goals. These agents almost always unwittingly serve as distractions to a true path, roping in one follower after another into either a frenzied horde of narrative pushers or a subdued cult of fake overbearing sickening love and light mongers. What is amusing is that so many of these impostors can't even articulate full sentences, let alone actually have an original thought. Ask yourself, or better yet, ask them what is their end goal? Is it just to feel or appear more spiritual and special? Is it practically attainable? Could this be some deep down desire to feel more important than the static role dictated to them as organic portals? And where once they flourished at conventions and in congregations at the dawn of the New Age movement, they now attempt to wax poetic and populate YouTube livestreams and channels. I would also argue that while they are more easily exposed as frauds, the spiritually deficient masses are even more eager to lap up their nonsensical verbal excrement, preferring to be told what to think and believe rather than venture down the road of self exploration and self inquiry. These organic portals are but merely actors given that same glimpse of the debugging menu as the dedicated magicians who work hard at accessing it. And even the best of them remained stuck here on this prison planet. But that's really all that it is - what lies behind the veil is a compartmentalized view with the ability to push a few buttons and play with some of the parameters and nothing more.

Magic is not a way out or a solution to finding Truth. Divination through tarot card readings are a bit different as this does not generally interact with the debugging menu or the external veil. However, they can only be used rightfully by an individual as a tool and medium for self-inquiry. A reading cannot be accurately applied to another being as the cards act as a personal method of reflective thought. To clarify this idea, one can imagine playing a game of squash alone, the ball being the person's question and the court walls being the deck of tarot cards. Another analogy might be an artist or painter whose inquiries take the form of paint and brush. The cards are like the empty canvas awaiting colors and forms to appear. Through these elements, the art of one's life can be more easily visualized. Self-inquiry through divination and whatever form that takes, is not without its misguidance and misuse. It cannot and should not be used to determine the future or make decisions. It exists by assisting one's insight into the self, to help alleviate or un-obscure the internal veils. According to mystics of Eastern theology, specifically the Rishis of ancient Hinduism and the Vedantic philosophy, there are what is know as the five koshas. These act as sheaths, or more appropriately for our purpose, "veils". Just as there exists the external veils where magickal acts congeal, these are types of abstract membranes which hide the Atma, or the true self, of the individual. Just to give a reference, the koshas, from most apparent to most subtle, consist of the "food sheath", "energy sheath", "mind sheath", "discernment sheath", and "bliss sheath", beyond which is Atma. Within each of these veils, the individual may find himself stuck or attached, often over-identifying with one or more kosha. In the case of divination, it can sometimes be helpful in ascertaining one's position amidst the koshas but ultimately depends on the integrity of the individual to recognize or surpass them.

What then can be said of astrology? Authentic learned astrologers are only able to read the instruction booklet, and even then this only holds water based on one's current difficulty settings. They can, in a way, let one know what the parameters are currently set at in the debugging menu. Concerning this though, I think only organic portals are truly drawn to astrology and put their belief and reliance upon it, for an individual who has come to know Atma will realize their life path is open and that they have the ability to forge a new and unique path outside of any predetermined destiny set in the stars and they will not suffer for it. Organic portals gravitate to wanting to know the plan someone else has already laid out for them in order to assure themselves of their role and place within the collective. They are looking to reaffirm their duties within the hive mind, and will quickly submit to what is essentially their orders from above.

The Rulers would not grant one the ability dive into the full program with the chance someone pulling the plug on their little reincarnation scheme, and they even limit the ability to play with the personal settings in debug mode, riddling the network with firewalls. The barriers are comprised of those authoritarian figures who, so rigid and stern in their belief systems, desire nothing more than to put a leash around your neck. And peddlers of conspiragossip who might play a dating advice wannabe beauty queen by day and a self-proclaimed ascended researcher by night are ready to welcome you into their similar ascended club of sheeple and relieve you of the trouble of having to do any research for yourself. How loving and generous of them. And of course "whistleblowers" who are overburdened with ego and self importance, actually telling you to "do your own research" as a tactic of deceit (instead of being genuine), thinking that by speaking those words, it validates their claims and validates their character because most people who hear that will lazily accept that the "whistleblower" who tells you to do your own research would only say that if he really was telling you the truth. How convenient, right? So many of these bait and switch actors do a 180 from a previous belief system yet they still troll the full circle. But really, these characters exist only to test the integrity of the truth-seeker warrior, or attempt to stop his momentum of developing self-realization, discernment, and progress into Gnosis, thus embodying the primary function of an archonic firewall. Firewalls are put up to prevent the unwanted, unwashed, uninitiated, and uninformed from exploring these privileges. In this context the manipulators, our captors, view us as not only cattle, but as a virus. As a rule of thumb, viruses must not get past the network's security measures. Despite my growing inclination to stop relying on movies and entertainment as a source of Truth information, I have to once again recall The Matrix movie and the statements made by Agent Smith to draw comparison to how relevant this is:

"I'd like to share a revelation during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your species. I realized that you're not actually mammals. Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment but you humans do not. You move to an area and you multiply and multiply until every natural resource is consumed. The only way you can survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. Do you know what it is? A virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet. You are a plague, and we are the cure."

This is how true humans are viewed by the system and we are the burden to them as they are tasked to keep us locked up, and they writhe and twist with resentment. This is why we, as only a mere fraction of the species of earth, are given special attention. Albeit, this is attention we don't necessarily want - not from the Rulers and definitely not from their anti-virus software.

If true humans are seen as the virus, the anti-virus exists to force us into survival mode as much as possible. Whether it be the ultimate birth of tragedy coming to a head in your life, with sickness and death seemingly all around you, or even down to being fired from your job or plain and simple bad luck - these things keep you in survival mode. And while one is in survival mode, one cares only for physical self preservation and has no time or energy to address sincere spiritual needs. If you can't address those spiritual needs and concerns, then most likely you're headed for the revolving reincarnation door, forever to remain that prisoner always on the verge of rehabilitation, but never quite convincing enough to the parole board. You won't even be granted a peek behind the curtain. And every single magick trick you might know is left in the gutter if you don't know where your next meal is coming from, or where you'll sleep at night, or if addiction decides that it's running the show. Just know that if you want to debug reality, if that is the endeavor you choose, then you first must be still in your life so as not to attract unwanted attention. Second, is that by only adjusting the allotted parameters within the debugging menu, you must know that you cannot reach contentment, cannot reach a state of enlightenment, and ultimately you won't have an exit strategy when your time comes.

The Rulers are embodied through ignorance and intolerance, through addiction and distraction, and through both mediocrity and sensationalism. As we move from the post-truth age into the post-conspiracy era, our task as the new breed of heretics is not to take up a stance of opposition or to be against one thing or another, but to surpass those things. Grip tight to the rope handed down by those further on the path and tow the line for the others behind you. In our current predicament, it is imperative that we do this for the sake of our own salvation. The way IN remains the only way OUT.


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