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Psyclopean - Lost Carcosa - Epic Lovecraftian Dark Ambient

Altrusian Grace Media presents the massive 14th album from Psyclopean - Lost Carcosa. Considered the spiritual successor to The King In Yellow album, Lost Carcosa returns to the disturbing worlds created by Robert W. Chambers. Lost Carcosa is a fantastical musical journey filled with dynamic movements (thematically inspired by Mussorgsky's "Pictures At An Exhibition") - from emotional and hypnotizing, to the uncanny and shocking. The album is separated into two volumes, each carrying its own cover artwork by different amazing artists.

It is recommended that the listener experiences "Lost Carcosa" in full and uninterrupted with quality noise cancelling headphones in a darkened room for full immersion.

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released September 2, 2020

Written and recorded by Matt Schmitz at House of the Rising Sun Studio, Hartford, WI.

"Lost Carcosa - Volume One" artwork by Yuri Shepherd -

"Lost Carcosa - Volume Two" artwork by Arturo Velasco -


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