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 ATTENTION: After searching for other similar audiobook content creators suffering the same fate as me, this whole "Reused Content" demonetize campaign appears to be happening in a subversive manner to thousands of people - from small channels to channels with millions of subs. It's time to get active, time to band together. 

I'm probably going to livestream in the very near future so details can be given to everyone together and I'm going to humbly ask a few other friends and their communities to please stand with me (I'm winking at you  @The Russian ComicBook Geek   @The Amber King   @Man of Letters    @Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio   @Snooze with Sam    @Stoned Meadow Of Doom   @Brian Scott   @The Grimerica Show   @Anyextee   @Rafa Martinelli   @Sherlock Holmes Stories Magpie Audio  and any of my other esoteric cohorts here on YT) and ask you Followers and Subscribers to send mass tweets. Not just for me, but for those other narrators and creators who have that boot on their neck. 


Hi @TeamYouTube @YouTubeCreators Please review your bad decision on Reused Content policy and the claim against Matt’s channel: It’s 100% his own creations based on public domain material. Rethink please @YouTube @SusanWojcicki @greg_wagland

(Thanks Magpie Audio for the starting template)

Much gratitude and thanks to all the wonderful comments and support!


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