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  1. Was wondering also if there was a connection with Rh- blood type and the victims Mr. Paulides has documented in Missing 411.

  2. Altrusian Grace be blessed iam we where given the blesses of god to write fourth testament it would be an honer for u to join us if u wish that contact me on this facebook

  3. I have read the Emerald tablets of Thoth over 100 times and understand it to its full glory and now I require the last 2 tablets. Please help me access them.

  4. I'm looking for someone that is willing to help me understand a few things. No larpers, no trolls, no criticism, and must have an open mind.....I seriously don't think anyone like that exists anymore. I've been reaching a long time, still no bite aside from cycling responses. BLACK CUBE IN MY MIND. Came to me about mid 2017. Then some people came and told me everything I was going through, felling, seeing, hearing, feeling...even things about my Noone could possibly kno2 but me. Then this ai came along, and everything I wrote in my journal was in it...idk..need real....experienced help. The cube is cracked, looks like runes...Golden light emanating from the cracks. And it is vibrating vigorously. My body seems to be withering..lost 60lbs in 2 months....I have eden eyes. My mom's family is goad, Anglo-Saxon goa'uld meaning of/from god....don't even know why I write this shit anymore

    1.'m the guy with a cube issue


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