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Support Grimerica in September

For the month of September all paid digital downloads of my band Sleestak will directly benefit the Grimerica Show. Grimerica is one of my favorite podcasts and they recently let me start publishing my blog posts over on their website so I'd like to help them out a little more. 

Here's how it works: 
1. Go to
2. Hang out and dig some tunes. 
3. If you like any of the music, click Buy Now under the digital album option. 
4. You can enter any amount from $0.00 to one million dollars! 
5. Your PayPal donation goes directly to Grimerica and you'll get an email to download the whole album in the format of your choice!

You can also add several albums for one price if you'd like. 

And now you'll have some great (hopefully!) tunes for the soundtrack of your next psychedelic excursion. 


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