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2016 Predictions

I don't claim to be a psychic. But sometimes I feel certain things on a level I can't explain. Those things aren't always correct yet in some way there is a manifestation whether it be in a synchronatic personal event or an obscure affirmation from abroad. That being said, here are some recent insights that have knocked on the door to my brain:

1. There will be a singular aggressive nuclear incident by a country in the first half of the year. I see there being contained mass casualties yet this will not spark an all out nuclear battle. Instead, I see the majority of the worlds countries unified in condemning this action and effectively quarantining the aggressor, followed by a highly publicized trial and sentencing. 

2. There will be a major medical treatment or breakthrough announced that will cure or stifle a leading cancer or disease. This will happen in the last third of the year. 

3. An important incident revolving around the existence of Sasquatch will occur close to mid-year. This will involve more than the average sighting, will make mainstream news, and I see some amount of physical evidence being had. This will not, however, go towards proving once and for all the question of the existence of this creature. On the other hand, it will lead to more serious investigation and consideration by scientists and academics around the world. 

Anyone else have some predictions of their own they'd like to share? What are your thoughts on my insights?


  1. While my timeframe is off possibly I just saw this


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