New Years Resolutions

As we enter the new Gregorian calendar year of 2016, many of us tend to embed ourselves within the matrix system of entrapments known as "New Years resolutions". These often shallow decrees soothe the anxiety that's created by not living as we should, sometimes with full awareness, and we set the cyclical trap once again. All this is not to say that there is no sincerity behind these goals but that truly it is sparked by psychological programming implemented by corporate entities as a means to generate profit in the post-holiday season. We understand that a major New Years resolution for many people is to lose weight and go on a diet. One needs only to peruse the local store advertisements to view the sudden focus upon things like digital scales, exercise equipment, the new "fit" smart watches, and in the grocery stores - food. During these first several weeks, we are inundated with diet information, sales on low fat items, gluten free items, sugar free items, and what I have noticed this year is the abundance of so called "organic" products. It seems every food company out there is jumping on the bandwagon as folks become more aware of what goes into their food. 


Don't fall for this labeling fad. Sure, most of these new "organic" things are a step up from the regular over-processed food but that still doesn't mean that you should be buying it up. Be cautious and read the labels. More and more I'm seeing these organic soft drinks like organic sparkling flavored water and even the recent announcement that there's going to be an organic Gatorade. (Article here These things will contain just as much sugar and mystery flavorings as their aspartame filled neon counterparts. Remember, almost anything can be labeled organic including the anal glands of beavers used in flavoring ice cream. (Check out the article here 

All I'm asking my kind readers is to educate yourselves, read labels, and to remember that just because it says organic, it doesn't mean anything without truth in labeling laws and the integrity of the company behind the product. Instead of trying to stick to a diet scam, commit to a new lifestyle this year. That way when 2017 rolls around you won't have to apologize to your body and your New Years resolution can be to visit Altrusian Grace much more often. 



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