Saturday night's alright for a sighting

This past Saturday night, February 18, my wife and I spotted a glowing red object rapidly ascend into the northeast sky. I watched it thinking it was a plane but it stopped in midair for a few seconds and then reversed direction. It hovered around and repeated similar maneuvers. I ran inside to grab the video camera and the orb was still there, but to my disappointment I could not get it on the viewfinder because it was too dark. Watching this thing made the hairs go up on my neck even though the skeptical side of me was thinking this could be a drone. I tried to signal it with my lighter but did not receive any return communication as it descended beyond the tree line. I tried doing some research into drones that looked like red glowing orbs but nothing really came close. Next time I'll be ready with my night vision viewer in order to get some good footage.

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