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#ufoattacktoturkey #ufoattacttoturkey

Last night a large scale UFO sighting in the country of Turkey took place. The UFO was seen in multiple cities by purportedly hundreds, if not thousands of people. While I have been unable to find any video of the incident, there are many photos from different areas and angles that seem to verify that this incident is real. As the phenomenon was happening, Twitter exploded with the hashtags #ufoattacttoturkey and #ufoattacktoturkey. There were reports of people panicking and being afraid and #ufoattacktoturkey quickly became a top trending subject.  The UFO itself looked like strange lights in formation, very reminiscent of both the Phoenix lights and the many accounts of triangular shaped craft. 

While I do believe the sighting is real, there's much reason to assume that 90% of this is hype with references to aliens and such. My initial thoughts on all of this are that what was seen was most likely a military or government craft deployed for surveillance or intelligence gathering.  Considering that Turkey has been the center for recent political and military controversy, it seems that more than likely this was a covert or deceptive invasion of airspace by a foreign agency.

The other notion I had is in direct relation to the instability and unrest in that region. Very often we see paranormal activity happen around people and events that carry a heavy degree of stress. Multiple stories abound with poltergeist activities in direct correlation to the hormonal teenager, abusive family turmoil, etc. Not unrelated to this I think (at least in part) is the UFO phenomenon. I don't think many UFO witnesses consider their current emotional state or the underlying stress factors of their relationships, home life, or employment status, among many other aspects. What we see in the anomalous and weird UFO sightings may very well be a psychological manifestation into our visible material realm. Thus, I think it's very plausible to consider this incident in Turkey and the high stress factors in the region as being relative to the general psychological state of the people there. 

While we probably will never know for sure what actually took place, I think it's safe to say that we will be seeing more of these mass-witness type of events. 

If the aliens do in fact land, well, then I guess we're screwed and I'll be here writing a blog post about the enslavement of the human race by our anthropoidal overlords. 


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