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'The Matrix' is being remade and rebooted...WHY?

Everyone knows and loves 'The Matrix' movies. From the gnostic message of awakening to the archetypal soaked story arc to the multi-tiered occult symbolism tucked into every nook and cranny, these movies have been and remain the most significant pop culture metaphor for the reality we inhabit without luring us to get trapped within it. Quoted, memed and sampled to death, 'The Matrix' iconography was easily latched onto by the conspiracy and alternative-type communities. It is still the easiest way, in my opinion, to introduce the sleeping uninitiated masses to truths that many of us now even take for granted. What better way to kickstart a few hairline fractures in someone's paradigm than Hollywood's unintentional weapon of truth? It is this fact alone that I believe is the reason for the reboot of this movie franchise. 

I don't think it was ever intended to define a cultural shift or to bring marketing and branding to the Logos, or if it was, the Wachowskis got one by those greedy child molesting studio executives. And now they're fed up with the damage these movies have caused. Sure, this is going to take in hundreds of millions of dollars at the box office and be a viral social media blitz on our simple consumer mind frames, but really this is about damage control. And like any elite mechanism designed to manipulate, it takes carefully choreographed events into consideration, with agendas often unfolding over decades. This one is only taking less than 20 years. 

With the remaking of 'The Matrix', one can expect a shallow and corporatized rendering. Not that the original wasn't a giant corporate money machine, but we can be sure of the slickness this time around. I guarantee this new version will be pushing extreme leftist liberal messages, such as is the Hollywood ecosystem. We will see a more politically correct, all inclusive Matrix with the proper social and ethnic representatives, while behind the scenes the studio will continue to exploit them. Warner Bros. is a well oiled machine and will not again make the mistake of allowing existential truths to invade and disrupt their mind controlling spellcraft. The movie will be reduced to a tirade of anti-Trump administration social justice, an echo chamber of reassurance and reinforcement for the billionaire funded BLM and ANTIFA baby temper tantrums. Be it known that I do not support or trust any incarnation of our systems or institutions, just that there are some things painfully obvious. There's also the transhuman agenda which I think will be shown somehow in the main characters either by implants or some kind of cyber genetic enhancements (separate from the neck plug). We will also see an over abundance of fake "illuminati" motifs, along with the ever present push for a global religion and global governance. It may very well be that the true hero in relation to this will appear to those in the "know" as Agent Smith and not Neo, but that might be a philosophical discussion as yet to manifest without the actual movie even close to being done. Just a hunch, though this has already been speculated in the original trilogy. All in all, expect the social programming to be just as top notch as the cgi and special effects. Hollywood will use this to push the elitist narrative in every way possible. 

The Matrix will no longer symbolize the unseen prison of our minds, allowing us to recognize and disrupt its influence, giving us a chance to break free from it. The remake will be used as a tool to lure us back in, to lull us back to sleep. It will make us homesick for the comfort and "protection" we used to know in the womb. 

As evident across college campuses everywhere, and maybe as it has always tempted us in a way, the new Matrix will become the new safe space. Instead of subliminally informing us and nudging us to break out, many will flock to its promise of inclusivity and assimilation. 


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