The Mist

Several times throughout my life I've been a witness to a phenomenon that I refer to as "the mist". It has happened at different times of the day and night, at all different locations and even though seeing the mist is a rare event, this thing that manifests has made an impression upon me.

The first time I can remember the mist was in elementary school. I was in first grade, probably around six years old. I recall being focused on whatever activity we were doing in class when I had looked up from my work and noticed that the whole classroom was permeated with a smoky haze. It hung in the air thick enough to turn to a friend and ask if there was a fire. He said, "No. Why would you think that?"
"Because of all the smoke. It's all over.", I replied. 
"I don't see any smoke."
This confused me greatly and I rubbed my eyes because maybe I had gotten some debris in them or was tired. I looked around again and it was still there. As I peered around the room and the ceiling, the mist slowly dissipated within a minute or so. I actually saw it fade. I resumed my work and forgot it ever happened until many years later. 

The second time that I can remember it happening, I must have been in my late teens or early 20's. It really was about as uneventful as you could imagine. This time I was in a kitchen and walked into the living room to notice the haze once again. There was nothing cooking and no other reason as to why there should be any smoke. It was motionless, with no odor, and colored an opaque pale grey. I thought maybe my eyes were blurry so I rubbed them and yet the fog remained. My surroundings were in focus and nothing was obscured as this mist was overlayed upon the room's environment. I turned and looked back but the kitchen was normal and turned back again to the living room. As I looked around at the mist now fading away bit by bit, the memory of first grade popped up in my mind as only a hint. It was actually more of a brief notion than an actual memory. For a second, I thought it was weird but resumed whatever I was doing at the time and totally forgetting about it. 

The mist appeared a couple more times in the following years, each occurrence being dismissed and forgotten right after it happened. It wasn't until about two years ago, when I had another encounter with this hazy apparition, that I fully remembered what happened back in first grade. The mist always appears when I least expect it. Except for my initial experience, it seems to be occupying only a single room, and usually when I was walking into whatever room that was. This last time, however, I was much more in tune with strange phenomenon and was able to observe it, having recognized it and remembering the previous instances in that moment. I was walking from the dining room into the living room, looked up and it was there. This time I noticed an almost indistinguishable green or violet tint to the haze and looked all around at it, being fully aware. It was like all the other times: hanging motionless and didn't move as I walked into it, odorless, and very opaque or transparent as it didn't obstruct my vision of the surroundings. But I could see it three dimensionally sitting still in the air. As I made my observations it once again faded over the course of about 45 seconds but this time not only triggered my original memory but also deposited an impression within me that this was somehow tied to the presence of someone who had passed away. More specifically it made me think of my father, although he passed in 1999, long after I already experienced the mist in grade school. I hesitate in calling it a ghost or a spirit as I tend to associate those terms with something that has form when this did not. Maybe it was something akin to ectoplasm, or ectoplasmic residue. There were never any strange feelings, positive or negative, never any missing time, or other paranormal events surrounding the times I saw the mist. Regardless, I now consider it a mellow yet fascinating experience, albeit one that I believe will never have an explanation. 

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