Waking up

Waking up is an ongoing process. It may seem to some that it's like a coin, two sides, the sleeping sheep and the awakened informed human. This is not the case. I will argue that those who adopt this mindset are in fact just trading one prison for another. Waking up is, or should be, like a continuous ascension into an ever expanding wave of learning and growth. Or, one could look at it as the never ending rabbit hole, awareness growing the further down one goes. What good does it do to just accept or have realization of a conspiracy or suppressed knowledge and then stop, claiming to know the truth? I can't even begin to explain the cycles of awakening I've gone through. 

Now, I'm not saying to believe everything you see on on YouTube or jump on the bandwagon of every new conspiracy theory that rears its jaded head. Instead let's embrace each of these things as a tool to use for ourselves, a springboard perhaps that can help us dislodge our paradigms, become more open minded, gain alternate perspectives, and ultimately allow for the expanded potential of a creative worldview that breeds novel ideas, philosophies, and ways of living. I tend to think that we as a species have plateaued in our physical form, yet the mind, or better yet, our consciousness, is unbounded by such limitations. We are just now being subtly born, only now beginning to have this realization of ourselves as more than material-based creatures. I imagine we've had this revelation before in aeons past and somehow it was either stolen from us or we knowingly buried it deep within out of fear. There is no excuse, as our numbers increase, to not take back what is our birthright - freedom, happiness, and the peaceful contemplation of the great Mystery. 


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