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Good morning, chemtrails!

So, I'm out on the porch this morning with my wife, some coffee and a few smokes. It didn't take but a moment to observe some strange chemtrail activity happening directly to the east. The first account was of a hight, thick plume appearing to shoot straight up. Within 5 minutes this dispersed into an unassuming small cloud formation that joined other clouds. The second observation was immediately after of a previously emitted chemtrail already dispersed, this one being a thick swath alongside which was a thin one running parallel. These were all spreading into what looked like regular clouds, though this second one must have been at extremely high altitude because we saw a high flying passenger jet and it crossed in front of the formation. About a couple minutes after this, we noticed another aircraft releasing its payload. This one I tried to video but only got 2 seconds of it as I didn't have enough phone memory. I did however finally decide to snap a couple photos which are posted above. This was weird as there was a moment when the aircraft stifled the chemical agent for a second and then resumed for another brief spray. This chemtrail dispersed as the others did and marked the first time we have seen this odd change in chemtrail behavior. Needless to say, the sky became sickly overcast within an hour or two.

Then, later this evening I happened to watch the video from Crrow777 he posted to youtube yesterday, which actually kind of took me by surprise by its similarity. Very interesting indeed especially considering that we have now moved into the year of the drone. Check out his video below:


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