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Disseminating the news

We are being lied to. The news, the media, our government institutions. It's not hard to see when you pay your undivided attention to the stories fed to us on a daily basis. The realization may start slow: you might notice a repetition of buzz words or it may be an overstated line of vocabulary intended to convey intelligence or an assumption of "expertness". Unfortunately, it's no longer just the mainstream media. Or, should we use the term corporate media instead? That seems a more fitting label because, really, what is "mainstream" anyway? And just as well, what the average American turns to to get information are all owned and dictated to by corporate entities. The new wave of alternative media has been infiltrated just as well so don't come preaching only about FOX, CNN, MSNBC, etc. Quite sad it is, that Inforwars is pushing an agenda. Alex Jones helped to stir me from sleep several years ago but I've grown to see how tired the same rants have become, the sensationalizing of headlines, and so on. Don't get me wrong, there's crazy stuff happening out there and we need to be extremely vigilant, though I don't want to be led through this political house of mirrors. The fact here is that in this example the alternative media is pushing a counter-view of the corporate media. How can you say what's really going on with ISIS when it's a LIE? It doesn't exist in any form that we are told it does - from either side. Anyway, the bottom line is that we, as human beings, are imprisoned within this swamp of propaganda. It might be a generalization to say that the TRUTH is within ourselves, but it really is. Anything that really matters comes from inside of us and all the external stimuli pushed through our television sets or assaulting our eyes from mass-printed words written by info-bots is just one big distraction taking our attention away from the peace of mind so many of us strive to attain. Seek out info, form your own conclusions on issues you might think affect you. Once you unplug from the reported news on all levels, you will notice the ringing of clarity penetrating through the droning gibberish of all those prompter-reading  robot clowns you once trusted to tell you what's what.


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