A New Reason To Question What You Think Is Real

FACE2FACE TECHNOLOGY - Folks, this is some crazy stuff - not crazy in the sense that it is science fictional futuristic technology - but crazy that we haven't seen real proof of this earlier. Consider what we don't know about the available technology being used. Seeing how facial expressions can be manipulated in real time without the person (target) even knowing it, we now have one more reason not to believe the corporate media, politicians, or anything else on television no matter how much we may trust the source. For me, newscasters and politicians have long ago lost all credibility but now I have all the more reason to extend that distrust to everyone from scientists to eyewitnesses of events. I think we have already seen this technology in effect and will continues to see it implemented in an ever more persuasive manner especially in the false flag-type political or terrorist events we have all become familiar with. This makes our own job of deconstructing the script and agenda of the puppet masters that much more difficult if not next to impossible. Once again, facts aren't necessarily facts in the world of television and media and nobody but yourself can dictate what the truth is. 

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