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The Float Tank Experience

This past Sunday night I tried floating for the first time along with my wife and son who also floated. We attended a 60 minute session at the new Float Milwaukee which has a great industrial location and feel mixed with a modern spa-like atmosphere. It was an incredible experience which I hope to repeat very soon as there's so much more innerspace to explore. I went for the full sensory deprivation. As my body acclimated to this strange environment, I found it very difficult to focus my thoughts on anything specific for more than a few seconds. Even my breathing exercises failed me. Obscure images and vague patterns wavered in front of me like a twilight lava lamp and occasionally there were strange flashes of white light, almost like penny-sized orbs held at arms length. Many times I found my eyes to be halfway open, never fully shut, and I had lost all sensation from my torso downwards. Before I knew it my hour of time was up as it only felt like 30 minutes maybe and I emerged slightly disoriented but fully relaxed. I definitely need more time in the tank to get accustomed to floating and would like to work my way up to longer floats in the 3-5 hour range. I'll be going back to further my exploration of consciousness and I highly recommend you try it out for yourself. On a side note, I ended up having very vivid dreams that night, I could actually feel that I was going to have them after my session was done. 

If you're in the area make sure you pay a visit to and tell them you heard about it at Altrusian Grace. 


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