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UFO sighting, November 6th, 2016

A couple weeks ago as I was preparing for moving into a new house I had a bit of a UFO sighting. I reported it to NUFORC and what follows is the actual report I submitted along with the video I made from it.

On November 6th at about 2pm central time, my wife and I were loading some items into a trailer in preparation for a move. She sat down to take a short break and scanned the sky. Watching the sky when we are outside is and has been a habit we've adopted over the last 2-3 years. A minute or two into her break she noticed an object in the northeastern sky and pointed it out to me. It was difficult to locate but I was able to do so by using environmental reference points such as trees and the house. What I saw appeared to me at first like a bright star as it was a stationary object but considering the time of day and the fact it was sunny and 65 degrees made this an unlikely explanation. I cannot stress enough how difficult it was to see this thing. Unless you had your eyes directly trained on it, it vanished from sight even though it seemed to be metallic and reflecting sunlight. If my wife wouldn't have spotted it there's no way I would have seen it. At this moment I ran inside to get my son to see it for himself, which he did but only after directing him where to look exactly. We sat there staring at it when my wife pointed out two other objects approaching from the southeast. One looked like the object to the north but moving slow and the other had a reddish color but seemed to bend and twist as it moved towards our direction. It changed course a few times going left or right and moved at about half the speed of a mid to high altitude airliner appears to move. These objects also seemed to "disappear" when not focused directly on them so when I looked away it took effort to find them once again. At this point I ran into the house to get my camcorder which is a Panasonic HC-W570. I knew that I had 35-40 minutes of battery left but when I got outside and started to try and find the objects again, the battery indicator dropped all the down and I didn't even get a chance to record a single frame before it just died. Disappointed, my family and I continued to watch. The two moving objects had fully vanished or faded but the original one still remained. That's when I had the idea to grab the power supply for the camcorder and plug it in to an exterior outlet at the front door. It took me a few minutes to get close to zooming in on the UFO as the camera doesn't have a physical viewfinder, only the lcd screen. Zooming into 90x also makes any handheld camerawork very unstable. Eventually, using the trees in the front of the house as a reference for locating the object in the sky, I got lucky for just a couple seconds to be able to get it in focus. Almost as if it was playing hard to get, it would move just close enough to the tree in my line of sight for the camera to lose focus and shift to focusing on the branches. So each time I would have to readjust my position by a few inches and start over again trying to find it in the sky. After all this, the UFO faded into the color of the sky and ended our 20 minutes of excitement and bewilderment. 

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